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It's also wrong: in fact, it's the reverse of the truth.
It is wrong to look down on other faiths on the grounds that their creeds are erroneous.
Our students are not wrong in the content of their protests on behalf of education.
Frogs may signal that something's wrong in the environment.
Three quarters of folks who experienced similar events can't be that wrong.
Then one day he happened to mention this to an older gardener and found out he was growing the wrong variety.
Everything you know about starting a company is wrong.
Most literature on why students leave doctoral programs asks what's wrong with the student.
He should not have been trying to prove deniers wrong or right.
The writer got it wrong in the text and the caption writer may not have known better.
They need some winter chill, yet must be spared from frosts at the wrong time.
There's nothing wrong with wanting to have a personal brand.
Everything looked possible-but everything went wrong.
In the early years, only crystallographers knew that there was something wrong with the three papers.
The old myth that leaning how to do crossword puzzles makes you smarter is wrong.
If you think a little carrot wouldn't take long to clean, you'd be wrong.
If there is one persistent gripe that paleontologists have with dinosaurs on screen, it is that their hands are usually wrong.
Follow their guidelines in your own garden and you can't go wrong.
So people think it is wrong to use animals for any kind of tests and they even think eating them is wrong.
But the drawing of the pyramid pointing down is clearly wrong.
These are precisely the same characteristics that sound so wrong in old time music.
Conservationists know what's wrong with the bay and how to fix it.
If some fact or study doesn't quite agree with your idea of how things should be, then it is obviously wrong.
They're the ones that can tell when something's wrong.
There is so much that is wrong here that it is difficult to know where to start.
So what's wrong with it to be out of the country for six or more years and then returned to its country of origin.
Full of soul, it's the kind of music you gotta dance to-unless there's something wrong with you.
Yet even at the time, there were whispers that the cadaver brought home in glory might be the wrong one.
Rising costs test families' faith, while one in three presidents see academe on the wrong road.
And maybe that's its problem-it's so good-looking that it masks all that's wrong with it.
And, of course, trying to prove their professor wrong is an added attraction.
Remember that the card on the bottom of the deck is facing the wrong way.
Enthusiasm about hydrogen-fueled cars may give the wrong impression.
Sometimes a belief becomes so strong that suggesting it might be wrong is nearly impossible.
Your clock will be two or three weeks wrong in the spring.
But today he was on the wrong story, the wrong balcony, the wrong side of the building.
Sometimes scientists get it wrong and have to revise the conventional wisdom they helped create.
If sleeping, the dogs were allowed to lie-unless they barked up the wrong tree.
Journalists are fired all the time for taking the wrong political stance.
Some squirrels have remembered various traffic patterns so that they never cross the road at the wrong time.
There are no right or wrong answers for this activity.
Evaluate success based on how they explained why they were right or wrong.
Much of what you thought you knew about dinosaurs turns out to be wrong.
To be clear, there is nothing wrong in science with putting forth bold hypotheses that ultimately turn out to be wrong.
Most of the articles were about what is wrong with this and that aspect of the family.
And the conclusions or hypothesis that come out of this kinds of studies are almost always proved wrong in the future.
It remains to be seen whether his famously gloomy prediction is truly wrong or merely postponed.
His heart was as great as the world, but there was no room in it to hold the memory of a wrong.
But the criminal also must be dragged into day, that you may see and measure the power by which all this wrong is sustained.
Where the second or third stands alone, it is nearly always wrong.
He has built a successful career by telling people that they are wrong.
The punishment does not seem proportionate to the alleged wrong.
In fact, while there really is no right answer to that question, there sure are wrong ones.
Many times in the past, pretty theories have turned out to be wrong.
They are clearly wrong, but apparently they have too much invested in the game to stop now.
It's not the science that is wrong, it's the scientists who are wrong.
So yes you can have it both ways, both are wrong to think they are the only ones who are right.
What both types of stories get wrong is their insistence that this has to happen in the brain.
It is the probability of seeing a positive experimental outcome even if your hypothesis is wrong.
The subjects were next asked a series of leading questions designed to elicit wrong answers about the same details.
Another possibility, he admits, is that the oxidation theory is wrong.
If you ask me there is nothing wrong with animal testing.
But taking these pictures feels somehow wrong, reminiscent of trophy photos.
But because an animal wags its tail and eats, nobody thinks there's anything wrong-not even to get into these big exotic animals.
The truth is probably that both of these views are wrong.
Not surprisingly, bog body research has taken wildly wrong turns.
There are signs that outsourcing often goes wrong, and that companies are rethinking their approach to it.
The really odd thing about this is that she is not altogether wrong, but she can't seem to get the right part right.
Much of what medical researchers conclude in their studies is misleading, exaggerated, or flat-out wrong.
To accommodate that machine's shortcomings, everyone began to type wrong.
But there is a lot more wrong with his argument than right.
What's more, it's wrong to talk about technology as a general menace for retailers.
But if she really wants to be president, she's going about it all wrong.
It's impossible to go wrong with layers of graham, chocolate, and marshmallow.
There's no denying it-this drink is a pain to make right and not good if made wrong.
Bread so big-flavored that it interferes with the harmony of the other ingredients would be wrong.
But the oppressive orthodoxies of nouvelle cuisine concentrate and epitomize much that has gone wrong.
Yet over a decade and a half later, he's as not-wrong as he was then.
They're touching things they shouldn't be touching, spilling food, interjecting at all the wrong moments.
The grocery is in a weather-beaten building, the only retail business on what some might call the wrong side of the tracks.
There are plenty of ways to go wrong matching the respective characteristics of wine, food, and film.
There is nothing wrong, of course, with using masterful tools.
When you watch the movie and get to that line, you don't think your memory is wrong.
But the redundancies it created also had tremendous value when things went wrong.
It started to seem that the only direction things could go from here was the wrong one.
There are some films where everything goes wrong yet comes out miraculously, seemingly seamlessly right.
All of them told her that they could find nothing wrong.
But there have been some wonderfully beautiful accounts of the natural world that have proven awesomely wrong.
But they were wrong-and did not want to hear the answer that was right.
Now new research suggests that critics may have been asking the wrong question.
Prem, it's not necessarily wrong to accept a claim on authority.
Furthermore, he gets basic facts wrong about the content of the emails.
But to be a literary painter at the end of the nineteenth century was to be on the wrong side of history.
However, the views they ascribe to us are not our views and the norms they suggest seem to us wrong and dangerous.
Even if many of the details later turn out to be wrong, the picture is a big step toward understanding.
It is said that money is being given by the wrong sponsors to the wrong people for the wrong purposes.
Dave is an absolutist and a romantic who represents the view that killing any creature is wrong.
We might call this the aw-shucks, gosh-darn explanation of weirdly wrong intelligence estimates.
Most of the theories are probably wrong or irrelevant.
Even this rude image suggested that something was going terribly wrong, but by then it was of course too late.
It seems too likely to result in both the wrong direction and the wrong magnitude of momentum transfer.
When solving a jigsaw puzzle, the solution can sometimes be stymied by the fact that a wrong piece has been wedged in a key place.
The only wrong choice is to continue renting your electricity from your local utility company.
It will be wrong all the time so there will be self correcting loop back as well as external feedback.
There is nothing wrong with present day designs which are extremely reliable.
He set out to create his own healthy climate--and prove his doctors wrong.
The vacuum as the ultimate nothingness is an idea that quantum physicists have long proved wrong.
With the wrong people running things, as they are now, all progress can easily be derailed.
It seems to me research into solar cells whose primary materials are derived from hydrocarbons is a step in the wrong direction.
So, to say that e-mail should remain free is already starting out on the wrong foot.
Another thing the show got wrong was that there weren't any mobsters or politicians at the club.
It could and should have known that something was wrong.
On real film, his average was three rolls: one or two for him, the third in case something went wrong in the lab for one or two.
She also contributed, however unwillingly, to the wrong side of a violent war raging across our southern border.
If you get the cadence or the pitch wrong, an entire generation cringes.
If you are seeking healthy role models and normalcy, then you have come to the wrong place.
They're the ones who bought the records, so performers who don't sign autographs and stuff are wrong.

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