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He has written a deeply romantic and pessimistic book.
The methodology varies from company to company, but the process generally begins with a written proposal.
The main reason for anonymity, however, is a belief that what is written is more important than who writes it.
It is written with great respect for these people and with an understanding that acknowledges its limits.
Thanks to fiber optics, the future of communications will be written in lines of light.
Great article, full of interesting stories, nicely written.
He's written on a number of different tech topics, from startups to social media.
And now he has written a book about making staff meals.
Most academics don't present hastily written papers.
The fact that these are written messages is a distraction for the unwary.
My research paper was much easier to do from your beautifully written research paper.
All have been written in the last year or so, and this list is not exhaustive.
Most of these people have written for years, a little here, a little there.
Their essays may be written in the form of letters to their parents.
The email that started it all is pretty well written.
It will help to remember how the story that includes them all came to be written.
On it was my office address, written in an unfamiliar scrawl.
More and more biographies of philosophers are being written.
Below is a list of early settlers' written accounts.
Applicants must have strong written and verbal communication skills.
Published recipes are tested in our kitchen, adjusted as needed, and written in our editorial style.
Jennings has written a bunch of other kids' books, many of which are about animals, and he has a pretty wacky sense of humor.
The written test, although disliked by some of you, elicits surprising revelation about the candidates.
Until you have the written agreement, you are not on a clock to decide.
To buttress his defense, he produced several testimonials-the written equivalent of character witnesses.
For those of us that cellulite does affect, this was an interesting and well written article.
He has written an unfinished autobiography and produced an unfinished film.
Opinion pieces should be written about issues of interest to a broad range of readers.
It would seem to me that the way contracts are written and executed are suspect.
They have fulfilled their end by putting things in written.
The other members then read the draft and make written comments.
If they want you to withdraw from everything, they should hurry it up with their written contracts.
Most of the major style guides clearly are not written by computer scientists.
He had my room number written on a scrap of paper in his hand.
The current ratio seems to require me to write about six letters for every one written on my behalf.
Visitors to its website can pledge money for a book that is only part-written.
Much of modern software-computer programs and the special programming languages in which they are written-originated there too.
Another case in written languages leaning is when the language is being forcibly shifted from one alphabet to another.
Their abrupt, harsh verse reflects the spirit in which they are written.
Written language is thus a point-to-point equivalence, to borrow a mathematical phrase, to its spoken counterpart.
History was written as hackwork by two authors of eminent genius.
Thanks to search engines, now you can quickly look it up, and that's going to change the way literature is written.
All the books so far have been written by the white population.
Beautifully written article which shows respect for the people and animals involved.
Yet because it was written on the map, perhaps it did have to be something extraordinary.
It corrects some of the oft-repeated mistakes written about her life.
The next part of the story could be written on a menu at a restaurant, but he gets there as he experiences the story.
Written language also allows civilizations to record their own history.
The students had little exposure to written language, and the school did not teach signing.
The blank grooves can keep the drive on track before the data is written.
These badly written, hastily signed forms are meaningless or worse, health literacy experts say.
It would also need to be engraved with a set of guides written in eight of the world's major languages.
The work is a meditation on the nature of secrecy and the elusiveness of truth, its message written entirely in code.
Sign-language dictionaries, however, translate only from written words to gestures.
Data can be written and read in less than a nanosecond.
Many of these drivers are written by third-party vendors, and do not undergo the same level of testing as the operating system.
That's pretty impressive and may herald important changes in the way articles are written and edited.
Still images of the street at each turn are also embedded in the map and the written directions.
Software has to be written to take advantage of the parallel processing power.
O ne of the challenges of traveling abroad is trying to make sense of signs and restaurant menus written in a foreign language.
Social-networking messages can lose their value within minutes of being written.
One had logged every line of computer code he'd written for a decade.
Unless you can guarantee deterministic timing, all those fanciful math equations aren't worth the ink they're written with.
New research shows that memories are constantly being re-written by our minds.
But given the response letters written on behalf of the university, it's clear they're not even interested in trying.
The clue to understanding anxiety may be written in your genes.
Its program is completely written into its landscape.
There's so much written about menopause, and a lot of what's written isn't necessarily science-based.
The word also spread by written letters, for the eighteenth century was a great era of epistolary exchange.
People who get written about in newspapers know that a correction never catches up with a mistake.
It is, as it sounds, the strangest travel book ever written.
He read everything written about himself and suffered over it.
Zombies, as any cultural critic who's ever written about zombie movies will tell you, are metaphors.
Few poets have written so convincingly of celebration.
The following is a sample qualified written request from you, the borrower, to a lender.

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