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In composition, writing groups are standard operating procedure.
Indeed, to make a film often entails as much work as writing a journal article.
There is a quality to your writing that reflects a slowness of composition.
By at once dwelling in the mystery and containing it, writing makes life occasionally beautiful, nearly tolerable.
Poor writing is to be expected when students have, or believe they have, no audience to write for.
Be suspicious of all one-sentence injunctions about writing and editing.
The discovery is the third ancient text to emerge from the layers of writing on the much reused pages.
Cheap audio storage combined with searchable audio files could make reading and writing specialties.
Her writing was so surreal and spare, so full of wonder and truth.
Aida got her hands in everything from researching and writing to recipe development and food styling.
One of the pleasures of writing in pencil is the friction of two solid materials in contact.
Most academics, including administrators, spend much of our time writing.
He is currently writing a book about early woolly mammoth discoveries.
When these elements come together, as they did with this story, the work of reporting and writing is a pleasure.
Word is that they're writing a book based on their web site.
Some people claim surfing the web and reading blogs can actually improve your writing skills.
Collaborative writing is not as common as it should be in the humanities.
Students will conclude by writing paragraphs imagining that they have visited with the people of one of these cultures.
Glyph series in caves may therefor have been primitive writing.
It's a common mistake for a proposal writer to fall into writing the actual dissertation in the process of laying it out.
See how your initials would look in cuneiform, one of the first writing systems.
Background information and writing credentials are helpful.
Introductory creative writing courses and fiction workshops fill quickly here.
In fact, there still exist some languages with no writing systems.
The pedestal had writing stamped into it with directions on how to make something.
Other students are anxious about writing a letter for someone who has authority over their academic fate.
Explain that writing and spelling words are learned behaviors.
We're literally in the business of writing recipes for easy chicken dinners.
Both the thumb and the writing are examples of adaptations.
They will demonstrate understanding by writing journal entries, sketching landscapes, and making mental maps.
Ask them to describe, either in writing or out loud, what would happen if the trees or another species were to die off.
Lots of time spent writing texts for others to comprehend.
See some of the online postings for examples of clever clue writing.
It's a kind of writing that blends real science with fantasy.
They built incredible buildings, made beautiful art, and developed a form of writing.
Cyberspace is the anytime, anywhere laboratory where you can design and run your own experiments by writing a little software.
When people first started writing this stuff, they didn't call it science fiction.
Have students trade maps with a peer, after writing their initials on their own map.
Huge pots of lavender, their iridescent violet flowers reaching skyward, enclose a bench perfect for writing.
Writing poetry can help students see a non-fiction topic in a new way.
He played with it all the time, learning its secrets, writing nifty programs.
He turned the group back into something they'd left behind many issues ago, and that character digression is bad, bad writing.
The students will also feel safe with one another and will trust the group with personal information they use in their writing.
Consequently, loose sentences of the type first quoted are common in easy, unstudied writing.
Articles reinforce curriculum content, and activities hone key reading and writing skills.
She brings expertise in organic gardening, landscape design and domestic arts to her writing.
Nature can provide for everyday needs such as writing ink.
Older students can practice their writing skills, while younger students might need help labeling their drawings.
Some experts say they may have been a medium for recording historical information-possibly as a form of writing.
We used to think agriculture gave rise to cities and later to writing, art, and religion.
Responding to student writing in an effective and timely manner is important to student success.
In the writing process, there is perhaps nothing harder than reading one's own work with a critical eye.
That's what tends to, in both cultures, often be the impetus for some sort of writing system to start.
His writing showed that he had a great mind and a limited character.
Writing a book, however, greatly increased my sense of alienation.
He communicates openly online, writing lengthy blog entries about struggles in his work and personal life.
Now the team is closing in on what might be a writing system so unusual that it remained hidden for centuries in plain sight.
Normally when foreign words and sounds are imported into a language, they are rendered into that language's writing system.
Headsup is one blog largely devoted to this difficult art of headline-writing.
It is an annual anthology of the best writing on science blogs.
Writing text is not the only way of communicating science.
Blogging is scholarly writing in that it is writing as thinking.
If it's bad political writing or bad sports writing, it still fundamentally works as political or sports writing.
Newspaper writing, by contrast, is encrusted with conventions that don't add to your understanding of the news.
Here's my thought: there is only good writing and bad writing.
The novel explores plagiarizing and inauthenticity, both in writing and in life.
As one of my professors once explained, doing surgery is no more physically difficult than writing in cursive.
Don't go to graduate school-it's expensive, and no one cares about writing degrees.
What was notable in all the writing, above and beyond a mastery of language and of storytelling, was a palpable sense of ambition.
While you're in grad school, establish a track record of productivity by writing papers.
And these networks overlap with those for language production, so writing messages through sniffs may come particularly easily.
It's a tribute to the art of investigative journalism and it sets an incredibly high benchmark for future non-fiction writing.
If not, then stop traveling or writing proposals and write something up instead.
If you read this blog regularly, then chances are you care about science and about writing.
The noise machine only wins if they can outshout reality, so it's important to keep writing about it.
The failing is when that is the only kind of writing that is respected and rewarded.
Writing to companies with requests or complaints is a chancy business.
They are retro coders, writing fresh programs for old hardware.
But the science is advancing rapidly, and the technology of reading and writing genomes is advancing even more rapidly.
If not in bed, my next writing-place of choice is the kitchen, with its smells of cooking.
It appears that writing was latent in him and one day, alone in his apartment, he sat down and simply began.
They showed me into this office and told me to start writing down some ideas.
At that point, he was no longer taking photographs, and was focusing on writing.
The polished fruit of more than half a decade of research and writing, the book was immediately received in a universal embrace.
Food writing can be tough, but it's a breeze next to restaurant reviewing.
Still fewer are able to change the world with their writing.
Have a knack for in-depth writing and an ear for pop culture, politics and music, then we've got a job for you.
The notion of traveling to places unknown and discovering new worlds then writing about the experience is clearly appealing.
Explains that writing is essential to the work of the world today.
The following sites provide helpful information about scientific proposal and report writing.

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