writhing in a sentence

Example sentences for writhing

The sight of him writhing had caused the other doctors and nurses on the ward to panic.
Howling, she grabs fistfuls of air, writhing in a blur of blue latex and spangled fur.
At last, to the delight of the crowd, the limp bird is tossed into the writhing tiger pit.
Moments later, he starts gagging and writhing in pain.
The diver awakens, bleeding from his nose and mouth, and lies convulsed in pain and writhing on the shore.
She wears a necklace of lotus blossoms and a choker of writhing snakes.
To the audience, the slow writhing of the dangling bodies was a form of entertainment-and a warning to anyone considering piracy.
The chorus loiters in modern dress in scaffolding to the rear and writhing dancers fill the church.
He was still alive but nearly inert, writhing halfheartedly.
With his left arm, he tried to hold the writhing lion in a headlock.
Between and below them are scrollwork panels depicting stylized beaked dragons and writhing serpents.
Their cheeks were bloodless, and in place of hair writhing and swelling serpents curled around their brows.
Watch a dying whale settle on the ocean floor, and it will soon be covered in writhing hagfishes.

Famous quotes containing the word writhing

My head gripped in bony vise of knees, the writhing struggle to wrench free, the blows, the fear worse than... more
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