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Example sentences for writer's block

Perhaps he did: he often complained of the artistic malady known as writer's block.
It is merely teaching participants how to overcome their writer's block.
He sat in dark rooms with writer's block, depressed and self-pitying.
If ever he suffered a moment from that form of exquisite self-indulgence called writer's block, there is no record of it.
One thing he did not have to overcome was writer's block.
He was depressive, he had writer's block, and he drank too much.
Bearing witness to millions of terrorized voices does not indulge writer's block, nor allow for vacations.
He's never known writer's block and always seemed utterly at ease in his celebrity.
Mario is a henpecked husband and author suffering from writer's block.
Writer's block is a mysterious problem every writer must come to terms with on his own.
About the only thing that interests him is his writing, but he currently has writer's block.
If you mention writer's block, he's likely to knock your block off.
If the personal statement is giving you writer's block, use the following techniques to jump-start your creative flow.
There are exercises for overcoming writer's block, organizing your life for writing and making writing painless.
He didn't believe that writer's block was a symptom of depression, any more than the flu is a symptom of sneezing.
If you're faced with writer's block, try brainstorming ideas.
If you come down with a case of writer's block, you might be making too great a fuss over what you're writing.
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