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The writ itself is technically an order to the lower court to provide the record of the case to the higher court.
Sports fans, in this view, are nationalists writ small.
Its writ can trump that of national governments when the single market is thought to be at risk.
Debt forgiveness is, loosely, a write-off writ large.
Loss of civility and a sense of decorum and decency goes a long way toward explaining road rage writ large on the landscape.
The state had to enforce its writ where it was being so criminally flouted.
The government's writ runs over some previously lawless areas of a vast country.
Writ small, it suggested an ability to honour financial commitments forever.
Well, the list is about science writ large, which includes technology.
However more politically moribund it may become, its writ still has a year and a half to go.
And in all this vast province of opportunity called space, no writ runs.
The combination of fervent populaces and unchecked leaders gave rise to the law of the mob, writ frighteningly large.
Writ large, that turned out to be a disastrous idea.
That, writ large, probably explains the mortality patterns of entire countries.
Surely, though, planning for such contingencies can reasonably be considered part and parcel of the technology writ large.
Our reasons for issuing this peremptory writ are set out below.

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