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Wrist-slapping sanctions would do little to change the actions of desperate rulers.
They help check a broken wrist, a sprained ankle, the state of our teeth.
It sends a small electrical charge into your wrist and can be set to different intensities.
The main physical differences between eutherians and metatherians are in their wrist bones and teeth.
Stooping down theatrically, he plunges his protected hands wrist-deep into the soft surface.
It has two sensors, one at the wrist and another at the elbow, that are connected by thin conductive fibers.
Those muscle contractions were used to control movement of a motorized elbow, wrist, and hand.
There are common faults that need more than two accelerometers to discern, such as off-plane movement and non-zero wrist torque.
My cheap wrist watch has more power than the first computers, only afforded by universities.
She also needs to listen to you, to understand why a twist of the fingers or the flick of a wrist is important to the procedure.
The shoulder of a bat starts rotating upwards before the wrist, which move up before the fingers.
Its margins are united to the ligaments of the wrist-joint.
It also sends articular filaments to the wrist-joint.
His right hand and wrist are taped, and he uses a cane to walk.
Faster rolls and eighth-note rides mean using more of your fingers and wrist and less of your arm.
He now spends his weekends building new wrist-rocket contraptions and demoing them online.
Keep your grip on the ball and hold your wrist naturally.
If you don't need the portability, go with something a little bigger to avoid wrist strain.
Wrist splints can be purchased at many drugstores and medical supply stores.
Place the hand and wrist in a splint in a normal resting position.
Place a rigid splint on the underside of the wrist, hand, and forearm.
Bob plays left-handed and wears a sweatband on his left wrist and a watch on his right.
He applied a tourniquet to his wrist and continued to radio for support and direct the operation before being evacuated.
Sam created a beautiful tattoo of hummingbirds on my wrist six years ago.
Del was warned by other casinos not to come back and was kind enough to slap him on the wrist apparently more than a dozen times.
Wash in between your fingers and up the wrist as well.
Test whether task specific wrist robotic training improves motor performance among persons with chronic impairment after stroke.

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