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Example sentences for wring

Squeeze the bread to wring out the milk, then drop it into a mixing bowl.
If he does, the opposition will seek to wring concessions in exchange, such as a big paring down of his powers.
Dunk your mop or sponge in the bucket and wring it out thoroughly.
They wring their hands about how much money they are losing to bootlegging and counterfeiting.
Environmental groups are considering a major push to wring cash for ecosystem restorations from global warming legislation.
They are much more likely to wring their hands about the oil price and leave it at that.
Rinse and wring out the cloth two to three times, and continue wiping until you remove all traces of oil.
The second is to wring the maximum amount of useful work out of every unit of energy available.
But the bean counters in the executive suite remain determined to wring still more revenue from the aging design.
But it may have to wring more concessions from its employees and creditors.
Before placing it in the bin, soak your bedding in water, then wring it out.
But blaming it on nonexistent global warming is the wring option.
Drain the leaves again and wring out as much water as possible.
But they overpaid amid a scramble to buy independent funeral homes, and found that they could not wring big savings out of them.
Drain again and use your hands to wring out as much water as possible.
Once inflation gets out of control it will be harder to wring out of the system.
Hand-wash and wring dry to maintain the natural creases that give the skirt its shape.
Spray the solution or dip the rag into the cleaning solution and wring out.
When you wring all of the emotion out of the subject you are left with only fact.
But there is a limit to how much charm, and how many laughs, he can wring out of deadpan idiocy.
They wring their collective hands over the impact on the working population of having to care for so many retirees.
The underlying business model is not simply to wring more money from any one brand.
After all, to wring out inefficiencies and cut costs, companies have to make sure things are done a certain way.
If he would only keep one principle to himself he would be waylaid in an effort to wring it from him.
He has pledged to wring more efficiency from the bureaucracy.
There, too, efforts to wring out inflation have contributed to a slowdown.
Today, more and more people are using wind turbines to wring electricity from the breeze.
One city health commissioner urged everyone who owned a parrot to wring its neck.
So it would behoove scientific organizations to wring all the value they can out of their budgets.
Contracts are manipulated and fudged to wring personal profit.
Dip and wring out a clean cloth in the first rinse bucket.
Rinse the cloth in the first bucket again and wring out thoroughly.
Keep it to where a handful of compost material when squeezed will hold its shape, yet not wring out any water.
The lean, long-lived hoppers are designed to wring as much science and exploration as possible out of every ounce.
Rinse thoroughly with water, wring out, and dry thoroughly outside in the open air.
These people are simply unethical crooks trying to wring out the last penny from their clients.
May the challenges of the day wring patience and humility out of them.
Place mop in bucket of water, wring, and continue mopping.
It may be tempting to look back and wring our hands over missed opportunities for change in the preceding decades.
Otherwise, they will wring off their foot, escape and die.

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