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Example sentences for wretchedness

Brilliant as a resistance leader, he has turned out to be rotten at government, leading his people into wretchedness.
Wealth may be unevenly spread, so that a high average disguises widespread wretchedness.
It is an enormous human loss at an astonishing scale and neither of us can fathom the wretchedness of the situation.
His suffering soon became the embodiment of all earthly wretchedness.
We have had our bellyful of a species of wretchedness which is thoroughly pleased with itself.
Freeman's humanity and intelligence are unmistakable, as always, but not even he can rise above the wretchedness of this role.
Rarely has physical wretchedness been rendered with such delicacy.
It has its own wretchedness, its own dramatic values, when it is presented as a state of tension.
But these days the talk usually turns not to the wretchedness of the work but the difficulty in finding it.
It is such manifest proof of the wretchedness of its author that no further comment by me is necessary.
Look at the names on yesterday's arrest list, and it's a beautiful rainbow of wretchedness.
There is still abundant evidence of overcrowding and wretchedness.

Famous quotes containing the word wretchedness

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