wretchedly in a sentence

Example sentences for wretchedly

For that they get by fighting, immediately they spend unthriftily and wretchedly in riot.
Meanwhile it is clear how wretchedly the world is failing to do so.
It is wretchedly poor, with a centuries-old tradition of lawlessness.
Since they don't have any means they will become wretchedly poor.
The strategy is sound, if wretchedly overdue, but the politics will be testing.
It is likely to say that the tribes have done slightly better recently, albeit from a wretchedly low starting point.
It is sealed and stifling, gray and extremely powerful-about as attractive as somebody coughing wretchedly beside you on a subway.
What does matter is that her picture, unlike her play, has been poorly written and wretchedly produced.
Tens of millions have died violently, or wretchedly from starvation.
He cursed the telephone, over which everything came out so wretchedly.
His face was wretchedly disfigured, from the severe blows it had been necessary.

Famous quotes containing the word wretchedly

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