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Example sentences for wretched

Those of us who are sympathetic to animal issues find it wretched to consider that our dinner might have had emotions.
Wretched typing experience on old-school resistive touchscreen.
Taking pity on our wretched appearance, drivers slowed down and threw loaves of bread out of their cars.
Despite their wretched situation, they are forced to work together.
It would have gotten me out of that wretched school a year earlier.
The use of the zero, however, requires us to defend the proposition that abysmal is six times as bad as wretched.
But authority was unflinching, and the wretched cleric was duly and publicly executed.
The characters are wondering why these wretched legions are surrounding the mall, coming back day after day.
Or have anything whatsoever to do with that dreadful, wretched place.
These wretched ballets had a certain negative importance.
For some, they are the epitome of conspicuous consumption, a contemptible and wretched excess symptomatic of rot from within.
IN the grim world of professional football, it is common to blame the wretched place-kicker or punter when a game gets away.
And for days on end he has been eating the same wretched, starchy meal for lunch.
Even the wretched euro zone has a few racy emerging markets nearby.
Even for wretched performance, reductions in fees have been all too rare.
Cost controls and redundancies are the order of the day because revenue growth continues to be wretched.
Years of poor management and grabby unions had left it in wretched shape.
With a wretched economy and long to-do list, it hardly seems an opportune moment.
Their first personal interest is that the people should be weak, wretched, and unable to resist them.
So long as the state of nature endures, life is insecure and wretched.
For this is worse than the miserable and wretched condition of bondmen.
She believed no one is too wretched to deserve dignity, especially in dying.
Mileage can be poor because of that, but they aren't doomed to wretched mpg, necessarily.
Wretched conditions in a distant land not only stir our consciences but reverberate through our linked economies.
Visitors to the camps described the conditions as wretched.
She feels pain, heard in the wretched whimpers echoing from the bed when two of our group bathe her.
He was a wretched governor who tried to use his official power for personal gain.
While the press loves to focus on the wretched excess of wealthy candidates, the public doesn't seem surprised.

Famous quotes containing the word wretched

O wretched fool, That lov'st to make thine honesty a vice! O monstrous world! Take note, take note, O world... more
...I delivered the poor who cried, and the orphan who had no helper. The blessing of the wretched came upon... more
Death is easier than a wretched life; and better never to have born than to live and fare badly.... more
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