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Fishermen drag hundreds of feet of line in a nearly weightless environment, wrestling for leverage and toiling against the tides.
Courts nationwide are now wrestling with the civil-liberties implications.
Elections are no more real than a wrestling show if they can help it.
However, short legs and a lower center of gravity are still selected for to this day on any high school wrestling team.
It's almost as formal as the beginning of a sumo wrestling match, and offers the opponent a chance to decline to play.
There was a foot-race, and there was a boxing-match, and there was wrestling and weight-throwing.
Hey, laxatives worked for the guys on my high school's wrestling team.
Cap becomes more self-conscious, more socially aware-all the while wrestling with post-traumatic stress disorder.
So for me stragglers are another way about dealing with the problem of wrestling with our pasts.
Sorting out the lesson of eugenics is another way of wrestling with the ethics of enhancement.
Time outs in my lap occasionally work, but mostly those turn into a wrestling match.
She rallied once she got back to her nursing home, but my dad is still wrestling with a bunch of related issues.
Indeed, it is clear that college officials in attendance are wrestling with the ethics of using agents.
Writers sit at their desks for hours, wrestling with ideas.
Surfing is more akin to fly-fishing or bird-watching than to parachute jumping or alligator wrestling.
Many economists don't care whether sumo wrestling is fixed, or whether drug dealers prefer to live with their mothers.
He scribbles notes to himself, as if wrestling with the finer points of semiotics.
Many are still wrestling with insurers or waiting for relief.
But he is wrestling with the same question they are: how divinity and humanity could co-exist in the founder of their religion.
They don't have this wrestling with political reservations.
His book puts the reader in the thick of the sweatiest corporate wrestling matches.
Steer wrestling is comparatively tranquil: a cowboy grabs a steer by the horns and wrestles it to the ground.
These are the factors with which economists are currently wrestling in an attempt to understand unemployment.
To get revenge, they attacked the games' new organizers in the middle of a wrestling match.
They incessantly engage in wrestling matches or play fighting.
It's the feeling of motion that makes this photograph of leopards wrestling so successful.
It was essentially what you might see if cows could do sumo wrestling.
Here are two boys wrestling down at the bottom of the frame, beautifully composed.
And please, eat it with close friends, because this stuff is the culinary equivalent of mud wrestling.
There are few ingredients and the work required is part wrestling match, part science experiment.
Her hobbies include auto racing and sumo wrestling.
He has not been successful at getting wrestling engagements or training boxers.
He is particularly good at wrestling complicated history into a few tight pages.
Although they were behaving at about the level where thumb wrestling seems dignified.
He was also wrestling with the pressures of being a public figure.
Have the literary part-the depth of character and wrestling with profound ideas.
Tickling and wrestling are the typical laugh triggers for apes, and probably the original ones for humans.
Occasionally, the crowds would get too much and the bees experienced pollinator-rage, biting and wrestling with each other.
The filmmakers provide a moving portrait of the tribal members wrestling with the trade they made.
Take a look at the ears of anybody involved in any type of wrestling or grappling sport, ie the cauliflower ear.
And it will involve a lot more than wrestling with arithmetic.
Hyperaggressive males wear females out with their wrestling.
If he doesn't, the two males may engage in a kind of crustacean wrestling match.
What happened: shoving, wrestling, crawling on the floor.
Such is the curse of a successful wrestling program.
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