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Example sentences for wrestle

Of course, whatever outfit is chosen to take this on will have to wrestle with the universe's daunting duo-time and distance.
We wrestle with the effects every day in this part of the country.
She loves to wrestle the big dogs and they allow her to pin them occasionally.
Boys would rather play video games and wrestle, and they tend to care less if their teacher likes them or not.
It took several minutes to wrestle myself back together.
If you are going to wrestle and worry about these issues, then change your policy and allow for makeups.
In his baggy shirts and summer shorts, with his heavy arms hanging wide, he looks as if he could wrestle down a cow.
Anyone trying to arrive at a historical ranking must wrestle with certain questions.
But if you can't wrestle those ideas down to some specific calculations, your colleagues aren't going to be all that impressed.
As countries wrestle with those problems, realities often differ less than theories do.
If he can wrestle back power he can recoup billions of dollars.
When things went horribly wrong, none of them had the skill nor the experience to wrestle the reactor back under control.
Besides, she needed to be alone herself to wrestle with her own conflicting emotions.
Later both bears moved off together, stopping to wrestle at intervals.
Scenarios also make good essay examination questions as the students have to wrestle with questions they raise.
If he didn't fire, the attacker might be able to wrestle away his weapon.

Famous quotes containing the word wrestle

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers ... more
That was a way of putting it not very satisfactory: A periphrastic study in a worn-out poetical fashion, Leaving one sti... more
Exhaust them, wrestle with them, let them not go until their blessing be won, and, after a short season, th... more
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