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Example sentences for wrest

To interrupt is to show dominance and try to wrest control.
Nor is it certain that the new entrants will ever be able to wrest away the big three hardware makers' customers.
Wrest what goodies you could and move on, was the get-rich-quick refrain.
They wrest cash from the state to fund the yeshivas.
For now,One is doing politics to wrest a house from rival.
It's amazing the variety you can wrest from thrown-away and falling-apart.
Fortunately, new lab facilities dedicated to the study of clouds will soon wrest that field from poets, the geophysicists argue.
He may be able to wrest success along the lines on which he originally started.
Private equity has piles of unallocated capital, although it has become much more difficult to wrest undrawn funds from investors.
Self-appointed decency police are trying to wrest control of what you're allowed to watch.
One grabbed her purse and attempted to wrest it away from her.
Most likely, humanoids will never rise up and wrest control from our hands.
The fear of outside enemies with long arms has permitted presidents to wrest away the war power.
And yet no effort has been made at any time to wrest it from the south.
She managed to wrest true understanding from each of us with the simplest means.
As a result, they have been able to wrest an ever-increasing amount of trading volume from traditional markets.
They are all about power and are rather clever about how to wrest control from the teacher.

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