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While you are waiting, unscrew and remove the air vent, using a wrench or channel-type pliers if necessary.
Let me throw another wrench into this whole discussion.
The others involved lone adults armed with knives or, in once case, a wrench.
Of course, the weather can throw a monkey wrench in any observation plans.
The others claimed not to know the working end of a wrench.
He may have been disappointed in himself, even shaken, but outwardly he was as smooth and focused as a socket wrench.
They know how to ride, they know how to wrench and they know how to race.
Use a large adjustable wrench or an automotive socket wrench to tighten the bolts that fasten the post to the joist.
Any return to a gold standard would include all of the state's deceitful ways of throwing a wrench into the machinery.
He worked it down to the gum, and then with a wrench of his shoulder, he twisted it.
Bolted wheels will, of course, require a wrench to remove.
Then use a basin wrench to loosen the nuts beneath the sink that fasten the supply tubes to the faucet's base.
Tighten the nuts with a wrench to securely fasten the boards.
None of the foil boats, not even his, could take the load of the heaviest wrench.
Hold the tap wrench vertically as you cut the threads and back it out frequently to remove plastic chips.
But the writers' strike has already thrown a wrench into the works.
But now in their college years, a wrench is thrown into the gears of their friendship.
The disrupters can throw a monkey wrench into that finely tuned endocrine system.
The opposite end of the tap is squared so it can fit into a tap wrench.
All are fully removable and replaceable with only the supplied spare wheel lug wrench and one standard screw driver.
Grant, you may recognize that you are in for a reminiscent wrench.
We threw a monkey wrench into a lot of people's hands.
What the water could not wrench free, it saturated and warped.
It sounds fun to take a wrench, wade into the shadow banking system, and start banging heads.
We can debate if a socket wrench makes a good enough hammer and drill press, but it really is foolish to plan that way.
Nor, once the crisis struck, was he the only central banker to prove handy with monetary plunger and wrench.
What threw a wrench into that concept was the furious right-wing turn against health-insurance mandates over the past three years.
One small wrench of plot, and our two heroines are shacked up together.
One of the uniforms finds the switch, turns it back on, and there's a guy with a hammer in one hand and a wrench in the other.
Her-dad dropped his wrench, and then swung the cage off of the cable.
Lying in the gutter were half a dozen simple tools-a socket wrench, a few screwdrivers, a claw hammer.
Some of it is cruder, and really makes your stomach wrench.
He does, and the end comes with a visual and symbolic wrench.
Still, even the best-laid slide can sometimes throw a wrench in engineers' plans.
Yet you never hear about anyone getting creamed by a fuel tank or an errant wrench.
It throws a monkey wrench at some long held, deeply ingrained beliefs.
So this is yet another monkey in the wrench that must be dealt with.
But the inspector general's new report throws a wrench in that plan.
Similarly, if you choose a wrench when you needed a screwdriver, you probably won't get the job done as well.
Religion, however, seems to throw a wrench in the gears.
The newfound, innermost planet in the system also throws a wrench in the other model, disc instability.
The monkey wrench in all this that you seem to point to is that you can not have stars without galaxies.
Remove the pedals using a hex key or wrench, depending on the style.
Unscrew the valve from the scuba tank with a wrench.
Make sure you have a spare tire, a jack and a lug wrench.
Use a wrench to remove the bolts, then move it out of the coach in pieces.
Many staff members are not simply wrench turners, but sophisticated technicians.
The constant attempts to punch or wrench loose the football during tackles.
To him, a wrench is a tool that tightens, loosens and makes things run smoother.
When they spot a tap nearby, they wrench it off and start using it as a shovel.
Global recession has thrown a wrench into the country's export machine.
When she snaps at readers to wrench their heads out of their navels, it's because she knows how self-absorbed she can be.
That's a matter of considerable interest to drug designers, who tailor molecules to monkey-wrench the proteins that make us sick.
Have a wrench stored in a specific location where it will be available.
Spud wrench, calibrated torque wrench, feeler gauge.
Once the special wrench key is used to unlock the cap, the cap can be removed utilizing the standard hydrant wrench.
Consumers should use a wrench to make certain that the connection between the hose and valve is tight.
The mechanic was using a torque wrench so the inspector asked to see the required calibration record for the torque wrench.

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