wrecker in a sentence

Example sentences for wrecker

Working under extreme pressure is another writing wrecker.
For an astronaut in a bulky spacesuit, exposed to the harsh lunar environment, it could be a mission wrecker-or worse.
Basically saying he's a head-in-the-mud wrecker of human progress, well, that's decidedly a bit much.
Camilla, vilified as a marriage wrecker, retreats from public view.
Take picture of big wrecker pulling up two battered vehicles.
Such parts may not be removed if they will be accepted by a scrap processor or wrecker.
He said a lot of the franchise wrecker lots have to complete state mandated paperwork.

Famous quotes containing the word wrecker

As we shoved away from this rocky coast, before sunrise, the smaller bittern, the genius of the shore, was moping along ... more
Sometimes we met a wrecker with his cart and dog,—and his dog's faint bark at us wayfarers, heard through... more
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