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Example sentences for wreckage

He must avoid both under penalty of wreckage, and it avails him nothing to have avoided one, if he founders on the other.
We often cope with fear and pain and emotional wreckage through laughter.
From the wreckage of that failed flight came a successful crossing.
Hundreds of bodies have been pulled from the wreckage, and thousands remain missing.
Take a virtual tour of the ship's sunken wreckage and explore artifacts on the seafloor.
If a hurricane is a chaotic system, then the wreckage strewn in its path is its fractal pattern.
Guzman was blown clear and landed in the dirt behind the wreckage.
No reporters had been allowed in to see the wreckage.
The space was enormous, the ground covered in white dust from the wreckage.
The economic landscape is unquestionably littered with the wreckage of the crash.
After the fixed exchange-rate system collapsed, today's non-system of floating rates emerged from the wreckage.
Bloodied policemen and lawyers staggered from the wreckage.
We think about fireballs and deaths and mangled wreckage.
Crew members were cut down by shrapnel, hurled across rooms and buried under smoking wreckage.
Both faces peeked out from the wreckage of the privacy imbroglio that wracked the social-networking site this week.
Coal miners, sheltered underground, were the first to emerge from the wreckage.
Their bodies landed yards away from the wreckage and stayed there for ten hours as snowdrifts formed around them.
Throughout the day, rescue crews in dinghies circle the wreckage, looking for survivors.
The injured where taken to area hospitals while five of the dead remained trapped in the wreckage.
Firefighters continued to douse the smoldering pile of wreckage in the late afternoon while investigators took photos of the site.
Emergencies agencies found the wreckage was off the roadway on the south side and the driver was not injured.
When no mooring is provided, use a diver to tie-off to a stable piece of wreckage.
The airplane wreckage was found the following day in mountainous terrain.
Several tall trees surrounded the perimeter of the wreckage.
The first item located in the wreckage path was the lower half-span of the rudder control.
The three-bladed propeller was separated from the engine crankshaft and came to rest adjacent to the main wreckage.
Examination of the wreckage showed the skids did not exhibit any directional deformation.
Searchers dragged a cable between two boats along the ocean floor looking for wreckage, but turned up nothing.
For instance, the water levels are much lower during the dry season, which increases the potential for wreckage.
The wreckage was tightly contained, and all aerodynamic surfaces and flight control surfaces were present.
No ground scars beyond the immediate vicinity of the wreckage were observed.
Three deposits of wreckage were situated within this area.
No clues-wreckage, an oil slick or floating debris-were ever found.
Terrain conditions, and impact- and fire-damage precluded a thorough on-site wreckage examination.
The seas were heavy and the ship broke up that night, the wreckage drifting away.

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