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Nevertheless, for killing a highly respected president, the eight conspirators charged encountered the wrath of a nation.
When you seek wrath, you become a link in the chain of wrath as wrath begets wrath.
But, unless you're a genuine sociopath, it's a real feat to derive such pleasure from actually being the subject of others' wrath.
Some learn to hide it as a way of winning parents' approval or avoiding the wrath of their peers.
No one seems to have told him that there is a simple way to avoid the wrath of bond markets: balance your books and don't borrow.
He must keep the city moving throughout the winter, or face the wrath of the locals.
Anti-government journalists continue to be sacked by media bosses fearful of incurring the prime minister's wrath.
The sugar industry has lost money for decades, but politicians have kept it going rather than risk the wrath of the electorate.
For now, the fight remains popular, both with wealthy farmers and with peasants who fear the guerrillas' wrath.
The police are also lying low, apparently afraid of the locals' wrath.
Scary injury led to rule changes, invoked wrath of other cheerleaders.
Time heals many wounds, so maybe she's ready to abandon her wrath.
They can get access to resources and mates without incurring the wrath of other males.
As long as teachers are going to face the wrath of hostile parents and students then they are going to be cautious.
Promising deliverance from what any supernatural self imposed wrath beyond understanding.
You'll note that some reporters hardly ever seem to draw the wrath of critical bloggers.
Please try to refocus your obsessive wrath on the real villain here.
Not doing so risks incurring the wrath of the rest of the car.
Quite the opposite: any politician who calls for reduced funding will face the wrath of special interests.
Anyone who differed with her was subject to her wrath, mockery, or vituperation.
He retained through life, all the friends he ever had, and he made the wrath of his enemies to praise him.
Fury was their divine nature and boiling human wrath their favorite food.
His body was shaking and his eyes were fixated on the subject of his wrath.

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