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Turn plain paper into fancy wrapping with a tropical star fruit and an ink pad.
After the first course, move on to wrapping the won ton.
Attach each stem to a sprig of fir by wrapping the two together several times with floral wire.
If you need to take a break from wrapping, use an extra skewer to mark the wire's position.
Fabric scraps, magazine ads, and even brown paper bags can look beautiful as gift wrapping.
Make a spice bag by wrapping the spices in a piece of cheesecloth and securing with twine.
The highway heads upward, wrapping itself around the shoulders and dipping into the valleys of the mountains.
As this campaign is wrapping up, it will soon be time to focus on governing.
If you are wrapping up a job search, make sure to attend to several kinds of follow-up.
Try wrapping a band or broad strap around your hips when standing or lying down, tie it tightly enough that you feel firm support.
Decorate the outside of the paper towel roll with stickers or wrapping paper.
Wrapping her arms around the mast, she rode the boat as it flipped over into the cold sea.
When the investigators pulled back the last layers of wrapping, a final surprise awaited.
It's also a sturdy alternative to traditional wrapping paper.
The internal shearing motion stretches and twists the north-south magnetic field lines, wrapping them around the sun.
Instead the suit relies on mechanical counterpressure, which involves wrapping tight layers of material around the body.
The lab-based pain tests included wrapping a participant's arm in a frozen wine-cooling sleeve or a blood-pressure cuff.
There's a lot of wasted material when wrapping spheres with square pieces of foil or paper.
Think if it as wrapping yourself in transparent plastic and sitting out in the sun.
Wrapping their politics in the robe of science is disgusting.
Air-sealing the house to modern standards would mean ripping off the siding and wrapping the house from the outside.
He recommended wrapping your head in cabbage leaves.
Few labels bear the character's mask anymore, as the originals did, but the shape and the foil wrapping remain.
Believe it or not, there have actually been studies on the value of gift wrapping.
Make sure the price includes cutting and wrapping, and make sure it's done right.
He thought they were handy for wrapping purposes, but he couldn't see why anybody wanted to bother with the reading of them.
It was standard stuff, a prelude to a quick wrapping up of the investigation.
Tinkering is a way of understanding difficult problems, of wrapping our heads around them and quantifying the unknowns.
Another time a workman opened a pack of cigarettes and a bit of foil wrapping fluttered down into the newly poured concrete.
Cooking something en papillote means wrapping the food in a pouch and baking it in the oven.
His songs frayed at the edges instead of wrapping themselves up into neat packages.
The creature seemed to be wrapping itself around the boat, which rocked violently.
Solid chocolate shaped in a myriad of exciting confections travelled in neat soldierly processions toward the wrapping department.
He always quarrelled with the world, wrapping himself in the isolation of his own absolute rightness.
In the operating room, he cut into the fascia, the tough wrapping of the forearm muscles.
Imagine the human body being made of these materials wrapping around your soul, the core of who and what you are.
Well, maybe there's a way of wrapping up six of the dimensions.
The reality that science produces, the technological fixtures of the every day, are increasingly wrapping themselves around us.
Religion falls for the same basic fallacy, in that it is continually wrapping itself in form in order to function.
Lenders could end up wrapping these derivatives into mortgage contracts as a form of home-equity insurance.
One, which involves wrapping weapons-grade nuclear material around a normal bomb, could indeed be devastating.
Stimulating fascicles can be done by wrapping so-called cuff electrodes around them.
Unfortunately, that question will remain unanswered, as the final statements are in and the debate is wrapping up.
Provide the gift in the wrapping and bag from the original shop it came from.
Wrapping modern innards in traditional garb is one way of doing that.
Burying his head between his knees and wrapping his arms around his legs, he curled into a ball.
The chef has perfected the art of wrapping hot liquid in pastry: the filling is rich, light and swimming in hot soup.
It's wrapping paper torn and scattered about the tree.
Traditionally used for wrapping gifts or taping broken spectacles back together, it has another amazing talent.
Fold the edge of the wrapping under to hide the excess wrapping.
So wrap up your retirement application before you start wrapping up your holiday gifts.
The example we're wrapping is a stream function subroutine.
All wrapping paper is recyclable except wrapping paper with foil, no ribbons or bows and no metallic inks or glitter.
Wrapping paper is fun, but it is generally produced with a lot chemical dyes that contribute to water pollution.
Wrapping, ie, the use of embedded code to make a program self-verifying.
Traditionally, people have looked to wrapping paper and ribbons.
The mountains of wrapping paper, hauled to recycling.
At this time of year, lots of people are busy wrapping.
Well, here's the wrapping paper that could change all of that.
We're talking about party supplies: everything from plates to wrapping paper to favors.
Fold the resulting cylinder of paper to create a tent over the bird, as if wrapping an oddly shaped present.
If it's broken, don't put it in the garbage with the wrapping paper and the fruitcake.
Gift-wrapping, special sizing and local delivery available.

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