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Seeing if he had them, he should not be the better wrapped or covered from cold, neither in his apparel any whit the comelier.
Against a deep chocolate accent wall, this upholstered headboard is wrapped in a shimmery woven silk that's soft to the touch.
He is distinguished in the way of an emeritus professor and dressed formally, with a scarf wrapped around his neck.
Never keep bread wrapped in cloth, as the cloth will absorb moisture and transmit an unpleasant taste to bread.
He disappears into a storage room, then emerges minutes later carrying several objects wrapped in white cloth.
Others have been wrapped around anchors, tangled in gear or swept off by undercurrents.
Promising fossils get wrapped in toilet tissue and newspaper for protection.
Outside the window, a barbed-wire fence and jagged log wrapped in a chain dominate the landscape.
He asked for increased research funds and when they came, they were wrapped in pork.
We all do get too wrapped up in mis-interpreted and mis-collected statistics, don't we.
The tissue is white because many axons are coated with tightly wrapped layers of electrical insulation called myelin.
Although the research phase has been wrapped up, the report has not yet been published.
Lumbering street sweeping vehicles were on standby to get things back to order once the ceremonies wrapped up.
But their demurrals too often come wrapped in equivocation.
The troopers used whips, horses, a hose wrapped in barbed wire.
While some of the mummies were wrapped only in plain linen, others were elaborately painted and gilded.
In that world-our world-seven of the dimensions are wrapped up on themselves in unimaginably small regions that escape our notice.
Being so heavily consumed and wrapped up in day-to-day affairs maybe blinding us from the bigger picture in life.
His whole being is wrapped up in pointing at phonies pretending to be scientists.
Step out of the shrink-wrapped kitty costume and sip on something a little more daring.
Workers drilling at the site said they also found a sheet of gold wrapped around the drill bit when they withdrew it.
The collagen is wrapped in sheaths around the tongue bone at one end and to the accelerator muscle at the other.
Then the package is wrapped in a waterproof housing and readied for a ride on the back of a humpback.
The barb is immediately wrapped with a cloth to prevent injuries.
See his paleontology as an exciting blend of art, history, and science wrapped in adventure.
The entire device is wrapped in a dialysis bag that lets in glucose and oxygen from body fluids.
Then it can be wrapped without damage to the frosting, and returned to the freezer.
Layers of the pumpkin or other cakes can be wrapped well and stored, to be iced later.
The husband presented his bride with a beautiful wrapped present that he had been saving for years.
She and her friends sing karaoke, their delicate hands wrapped around the microphone.
Our words are too often wrapped in mystery shrouded in an ethic.
One writes of fantasies wrapped inside daydreams surrounded by nightmares, the other about swords and sorcerers.
We don't see these because they're tightly wrapped within a tiny radius that is inapproachable at normal energies.
The probability of sending an e-mail during a particular time of the week represented by a ribbon wrapped around a torus.
If your house is the look-don't-touch type where the furniture is wrapped in plastic, well, they'll probably fit right in.
Digital video strikes me as a new platform wrapped in the language and mythology of an old platform.
Antibiotic resistance has always been a biological occurrence wrapped in layers of science, economics and politics.
Its capital is now a cosmopolitan city wrapped in a beautiful, ornate coat of history.
Brown later returned to the sideline with his left hand heavily wrapped and his helmet off.
Include such items as fruit, wrapped snack bars, sandwiches and nuts for quick energy.
First, she improvises a halter and quadruple-wrapped ribbon belt to hoist up her underskirt.
He wrapped himself up in towels and jumped in the car.
Their friendly tentacles were wrapped securely and invisibly around him.
His sister wrapped her arms around him, and they rocked together, in tears.
Each turtle was found wrapped in a stocking, designed to provide ventilation and warmth.
It was a tough entrepĂ´t and factory town, wrapped in a pall of soot, struggle and heartache.
There were soldiers on foot wearing only mud-caked underwear and with rags wrapped around their feet in place of boots.
At each place setting was a commemorative bronze medallion wrapped in white paper and pink ribbon.
Too many consumers have been led to believe that bright red, moist, plastic-wrapped meat will yield a succulent steak.
Particularly unruly patients were sometimes wrapped in wet canvas and nearly suffocated.
Most of the bodies were wrapped in blue plastic bags, but several were shown with limbs exposed.
Burgers would then be dressed, wrapped and stored under heating lamps.
The sips are followed by a gift-wrapped box, allowing patrons to relive the joy of opening a present.
My father had said that wrapped in wet newspaper, a carp could live a long time out of water.
So it's a repurposed pop-culture reference wrapped in several layers of irony.
He took the rags used for packing, wrapped himself up in them and ran along the pavement dancing with glee.
He'd expected to find his father gaunt, the skin on his face wrapped tight around his skull.
The line to get in the door made a complete loop around the mezzanine balcony, and then wrapped in on itself.
Then he wrapped dental floss around the paper, tracing grooves made by the inserted screw.
It was cold, and his trench coat was wrapped around him.
Contractor will also furnish drinks and individually wrapped donuts.
Storage effects on quality of polyethylene film wrapped cotton bales: a preliminary report.
Hoop- wrapped cylinders may be identified by lack of filament winding on the bottom and neck areas.

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