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Roll up wrapper, then transfer to baking sheet and cover with plastic wrap.
The same was true of the plastic wrap used on frozen dinners, he said.
If you've found a better self-sufficient way to wrap your cords, let us know in the comments.
The result is that they wrap themselves around oily substances suspended in water, and keep them in suspense.
Stretch the rubber band over both the waxed paper and the plastic wrap.
Ask you favorite dry-cleaners to eliminate the plastic wrap on your clothes.
Recycle your own newspapers, magazine pages, or junk mail as gift wrap.
When you've finally found the gift for the geek who has every gadget, make sure you wrap it in some suitably geeky wrapping paper.
Much of the pleasure of eating this wrap comes from the crunchy textures of the lettuce and the shredded vegetables.
Also be mindful of the clock so that you are sure to wrap up the conversation in the time specified.
They wrap themselves around oily substances suspended in water, and keep them in suspense.
Below is the message that appears on the cover wrap.
Post all your jobs automatically, effortlessly with a job wrap.
The former can't wrap their heads around the fact that human activity can alter the planet.
Not everyone has as much potential gift wrap lying around.
It is really difficult to wrap my head around this stuff.
Paper bags, fabric remnants, and magazine pages become gift wrap.
The other is to wrap it and perhaps place a garbage can on top of the tree for extra protection.
The result can wrap itself around an object with a movement that strikingly resembles that of the original.
They roll in the wavelets and wrap the oil sheen around themselves.
Wrap the mattress in canvas and put a zipper down one side and along the bottom.
Those with normal muscle movement may do better with the full-circle wrap.
Take control of your time to wrap up your work and think about your plans.
Cover the crumpled newspaper with a large sheet of aluminum foil or plastic wrap.
However, in either aspect, our tiny minds will never be able to wrap around the idea of infinity and eternity.
Then wrap more tightly with slender pieces that form tight loops.
Remove from the oven, place in a bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap until cool enough to handle.
Wrap pieces of the dough around the chopped fruit, pinching the dumplings at the edges.
No more searching for the end of the wrap or splicing your fingers along the jagged aluminum blade.
Keep remaining filo dough covered with plastic wrap to prevent drying.
They perform tree ordinations, which means they bless trees and wrap them with saffron-colored robes.
Traditional bamboo sushi mats make rolling easy, but sheets of plastic wrap work surprisingly well.
Submit to a mud-and-ginger body wrap for pure indulgence.
Wrap the fruit and seafood in prosciutto, add simple seasonings, and grill.
Wrap the ribbon around the wreath as shown, and knot in place.
Wrap the toasts in a big napkin and put on top of the caponata.
Shape butter mixture into eight-inch log, wrap in parchment paper, and refrigerate.
Wrap an oversize blanket around some poles and you've got a comfy tipi.
For less fuss, feel free to fully husk the corn and wrap it in foil.
Cut off and set aside half the roast to wrap and chill for the second meal, and serve the rest.
Of course, it could be said that the evening wrap is an anachronism.
Then finally get three rubber bands and wrap them around the shirt.
And it's so small you can wrap it in the palm of your hand.
All there is to say to wrap up is to once again answer the subject line.
Or, if you're feeling particularly ambitious, use electrical heat-shrink wrap to seal the needle and thread in place.
Misty conditions wrap the stone engineering in a soft cloak of magic and mystery.
Place the ball on a layer of plastic wrap over a flat surface.
Warning, you may want to wrap duck tape around your head first.
Wrap each item around the core, starting from the top of your pile.
Place on a piece of plastic wrap and flatten into a disk shape.
When you think of wallpaper, you might think of granny, lace doilies and a couch permanently covered with plastic wrap.
Use a sharp knife to cut caramel into pieces, then wrap each square in waxed paper or plastic wrap.
Please see the cover wrap for details on how to renew.
To help the cheese remain moist, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.
And, if these people pose as patriots and wrap themselves in the flag, it's disgusting.
Press into a large disk, and wrap tightly in plastic wrap.
Remove top layer of plastic wrap and turn dough onto a large, lightly greased baking sheet.
Wrap a wet bandana around your neck and avoid hiking in the heat of the day.
If serving right away, wrap them in a towel or place them in a low oven to keep warm.
Wrap the shorter wire tightly around the neck of the globe and, with pliers, twist firmly.
Wrap the fabric over a seat edge and secure with a staple.
Above a cold, swollen sea, a sunny day gives way as clouds wrap the sky in silver gauze.
Those who catch their own can have vendors fillet and wrap the fish.
Wrap yourself in your own virtue, and seek a friend and your daily bread.
If you wish to preserve your secret wrap it up in frankness.
Wrap in lettuce leaves, allowing two tablespoons mixture to each portion.
Wrap not my carcase in any costly shroud: erect no monument to my memory.
Sometimes on summer nights his father would wrap him up and take him on a long drive through the darkness in search of fresh air.
It could even direct you away from roads where pollution levels are high, then wrap things up by finding you parking space.
If you've introduced characters in the book, return to them and wrap up their stories.
Nothing beats homemade hummus, a great filling for a vegetarian wrap.
Press the edges of the dough gently through the plastic wrap.
Such findings would suggest a geometry that is not so easy to wrap our minds around.
The food industry purchases the treated shrink wrap from plastic manufacturers in the form of bags or rolls.
Inside the retro-style woven outer casing is a stretchy core around which the conducting wires wrap in a spiral pattern.
Simply wrap thread around the needle and secure with a piece of scotch tape.
Or chase away the cold with an all-natural body wrap.
Those are squash plants starting to wrap around the understory.
Cheese is purchased when it is cut, to avoid plastic wrap.
Choose figs that are soft and unblemished, wrap them loosely in a plastic bag, and refrigerate.
Lift meat from grill and wrap each piece in a double layer of heavy-duty foil, sealing tightly.
Wrap one of these gingery meatballs with shredded vegetables in lettuce, then dunk in a tart-sweet-spicy sauce.
We taped bubble wrap around the back half of their hives, hoping that it would help cut the wind and provide a little insulation.
Cover your hair with plastic wrap or a plastic shower cap.
Drop a pebble or weight into the center of the plastic wrap, so it forms a cone shape above the cup.
Instead, constrictors wrap their bodies around their prey and squeeze until it stops breathing.
The dusk settles upon the desert, sealing me in beneath a wrap of fog.
Wearing the shirt and pants, wrap the garlands around your arms and torso, and pin in place.
Wrap the garlands around your arms and torso, and pin in place.
Return and be revitalized with a skin-tightening body wrap of locally quarried clay.
Pour into a bowl and cover the surface with plastic wrap.
Cover the jar with plastic wrap, with the middle section sagging into the jar.
Wrap sturdy twine around the fabric, as if you were closing a bag.
Fold prosciutto in half lengthwise and wrap around stuffed figs.
Squeeze out any excess water, and wrap the towel around your head.
Thinly veiled self righteousness is the same no matter what cultural terms you wrap it in.
Now it's time to wrap things up and see if there are any lessons to be learned.
Wrap a damp towel around the base of the bowl to steady it.
The headphones wrap up perfectly every time, with no frustrating tangling or knotting.
Return the dough to the bowl and cover with plastic wrap.
Shape the dough into a disk and wrap well in plastic.
Gather up the dough, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, and press down to flatten into a disk about one inch thick.
Remove the peppers and wrap them in a kitchen towel, letting them steam for several minutes to loosen the skin.
But he would throw shrink wrap over the bins of cherries, and the bees would disappear.
Roll up the tortillas, wrap them in foil, and stick them in the fire for three or four minutes.
Cut the pieces and cover them all with the plastic wrap.
He redistributed them equally among the five boxes, laying the canisters horizontally end to end, and packing bubble wrap on top.
German soldiers were instructed to stuff their boots with straw, or to wrap their socks in additional layers of fabric.
Wrap in freezer paper or simply set the roast on a platter.
College basketball scores-including a number of upsets-were handled in one wrap-up story.
When you want to charge your device, you'd wrap specially designed earphones around the tower, multiple times.
He found that they wrap around axons and promote their growth: hence the name, olfactory ensheathing glial cells.
Wrap up the thin sheets of both into a cylinder so it can maintain a stronger magnetic field.
Currently, doctors must continually wrap wounds with antibacterial bandages.
Honestly, unfathomable for a single mind to wrap itself around.
And it works not only for cloth, plastic wrap, and other fabrics but also for shriveled apples and people's faces.
We can wrap a device in paper that also works as the device's power source.
Apparently the lack of spiral-galaxy wrap-up has been explained without dark matter recently.
Get two two- or three-inch nails, wrap one strand of wire around each nail, and stick the nails into the pickle.
It is an attempt to wrap a religious idea in the skin of scientific credibility.
Underwater, it would take major movement to get the flag to wrap around the flag stick.
Squid, earthworms, and sharks are only three of the many animals that wrap their bodies in helically wound fibers.
Especially liked the ending wrap up, which could be applied to pretty much any conspiracy theory.
The book didn't wrap up the rest of the story properly.
Gather dough into a ball, then halve dough and wrap each half in plastic wrap.
Invert bombe onto a rack set over a baking sheet and remove plastic wrap.
Run a hot knife along short sides to loosen, then invert terrine onto a sheet of plastic wrap.
Spread ice cream evenly in crust and wrap pie plate in wax or parchment paper, then in plastic wrap.
Rub garlic all over with oil and season with salt and pepper, then wrap in foil.
Wrap in plastic wrap once cool and keep at room temperature.
Wrap hot chestnuts in a kitchen towel and squeeze gently to further loosen shells.
Wrap washed leaves in paper towels and place in a sealable plastic bag.
Wrap parsley, bay leaf, and halved scallions in cheesecloth and tie with string.
Line a baking sheet with plastic wrap and lightly brush with oil.
While steak cooks, wrap tortillas in foil and warm in oven.
Cover stack of phyllo sheets with plastic wrap and a damp kitchen towel.
Wrap banana leaf around fish and tie in two places to secure.
Unroll phyllo and cover stack with plastic wrap and a dampened kitchen towel.
Transfer chiles immediately to a large bowl, then cover with plastic wrap.
Loosely cover with buttered plastic wrap, then kitchen towel.
Halve dough and form each half into a disk, then wrap in wax paper.
Place in center of tart pan and cover with plastic wrap.

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