wrangle in a sentence

Example sentences for wrangle

Matt needed to wrangle and relocate it but it put up a bit of a fight.
Bonus points if you can wrangle a week-day visit when the crowds tend to be lightest.
The officer also made a call asking for some help to wrangle the critter.
In any country powerful lobbies bargain and wrangle.
Experts wrangle over the scale and intensity of poverty.
Dore had another, possibly more pressing, matter on her mind: how to wrangle away.
The same reason that makes us wrangle with a neighbour causes a war betwixt princes.
In the legal wrangle that ensued-lawsuits followed by countersuits-numerous reputations were damaged.
The delay stems from a wrangle between government and business which has sparked a fierce dispute within government.
But anything other than a straight in-or-out question may result in a damaging wrangle.
Each time has involved complications with my husband's job and has not been easy to wrangle.

Famous quotes containing the word wrangle

This is what poems are: with mercy for the greedy, they are the tongue's wrangle, the world's pottage, the ... more
I that loved and you that liked, shall we begin to wrangle? No, no, no, my heart is fast, and cannot disent... more
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