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Infection begins when the spores enter the body through an injury or wound.
The individual ego will close the wound in a matter of weeks.
One candidate told us that the topic of her first book would depend on which job she wound up getting.
The ostensible cause of his departure could not have been better calculated to wound his ex-boss.
On the basis of the paper, he sees no convincing evidence of a healed head wound.
So the start is with material that would likely have wound up in a landfill.
As the war wound down, he continued to chafe behind the lines.
It usually peels off pretty easily leaving a minimal wound on the plant.
Then, using a syringe or a pneumatic spray, the surgeon squirts the cells on to the wound.
But the swelling remained and the wound continued to ooze pus.
Bruised or cut mammalian tissue reacts by producing scar tissue: tough, fibrous cells that quickly seal off an open wound.
But the auction price of the cash settlement may not represent the eventual recovery rate after the company has been wound up.
After three months of this, the wound still had not healed.
When a wound is healing, cell division must be sped up.
Animation and video showing a printer for burn wounds scanning the wound, then layering new cells over the wound.
Each selenium cell will have to wound personally by the inventor, who never intrusts this work to anybody else.
Such a vehicle would use a small gasoline engine to drive a generator to keep the car going when the battery wound down.
Inflation was vanquished, and the loss-making state-owned mining company was wound up.
The saliva has a chemical that keeps the wound from closing.
But instead of revealing any secrets of wound healing, the mice had an inability to grow hair in their first few weeks of life.
However, its programme has been wound down and the government has put only modest provision in its place.
The maggots eat dead tissue around the wound that can prevent healing and cause infection.
He majored in electrical engineering, however, and then wound up choosing a biomechanical engineering specialty within that.
The low-level but frequent release of this chemical ensures regular anti-bacterial washes of the wound.
If you are stung, wash the wound with vinegar or rubbing alcohol.
When a spine jabs a potential predator, the membrane surrounding the venom gland cells tears, releasing venom into the wound.
Each ring, about a yard in diameter, contain copper wires wound into an electromagnet.
The games reportedly maim and wound thousands of horses each year.
Wash the wound thoroughly, treat the wound with a topical anti-bacterial medicine and/or see a doctor.
There the silkworms produce a protein filament tightly wound into cocoons.
Smart bandages, with built-in sensors that report if a wound is healing or has become infected, could be on the horizon.
They wound south through the archipelago by ski and kayak.
The dead flesh around the wound is eaten, while the animal itself remains relatively healthy.
Each sought to wound the other's pride, but their sweet fluting pierced only the evening silence.
The whole thing is held together by the wound headphone cord.
But the wound was so slight that the roebuck, next morning, did not feel it any more.
The boat sank, and they wound up without food in a little lifeboat.
The stab wound severed his spine and left him paralyzed and on a respirator.
Now let's say you get a wound on your back, or an itch, or a bug wandering up there.
The barb is covered with a sheath of toxin that is injected into a wound.
It turned out to be a moot point, though, as no teams wound up tied after the final round.
Slowly the procession wound into the realm of perpetual night.
The train moved even more slowly as it wound around to climb the steep track.
Wound it, and it will swim away and possibly die later-though many narwhals apparently survive.
It is a president's responsibility to salve a national wound.

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