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For one thing, the site remains a place of active worship.
They worship different gods and performed ceremonies and rituals to these gods.
Kiss, as a mode of salutation, comes from its use to express reverence or worship.
Give me your good hand, give me your worship's good hand.
Yet instead of being repulsed, you fall down on your knees and worship.
The scientists who worship at the altar of science are doing a fine job of destroying our world.
In this country no one is forcing anyone to worship anything.
He asks us to re-examine our worship of the almighty free market and the laws of supply and demand.
It is rarely a subject for serious study, and the students are conspicuously absent from worship.
We are a nation that guarantees the freedom to worship as one chooses.
Environmentalists have long been accused of forming a church of nature worship.
There are other small, local businesses mixed in with homes and places of worship.
Beware that your hearts are not deceived, and that you do not turn away and serve other gods and worship them.
If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them.
In a sense, the revolution took away people's right to worship.
There are people who hold precisely the same faith whose worship produces an effect of poverty.
Local people believe some of the statues may have been used for ancestor worship.
But appreciation of the sun-filled day goes beyond pagan worship.
Whether this alignment was constructed for sun worship, calendar keeping, or other purposes remains a matter of much debate.
En route, you'll also visit several places of worship.
Wrestling also has connections with fertility rites, ancestral worship, and animistic beliefs.
So this is not the stuff of reverential foodie-worship.
Yet those few who make it to worship service can testify that there is some liveliness within the churches.
My worship was unique and without flaw, a sensation shared by no more than ten thousand people in the surrounding square mile.
Graphic designers turned it into something approaching an object of worship.
That's not to say that being there for worship is not important.
Freedom of worship meant an undermining of the unity of the church, and the church was the foundation of social order.
Participants typically engage in ritual ancestor worship in the morning.
Europeans built the continent's great cathedrals to accommodate their acts of worship.
During the next year the laws regarding codes of dress or matters of faith and worship will probably remain unchanged.
If you religiously worship it, then you're not doing science.
But there's no reason to worship whatever-it-is, no reason for all this dreadful toadying and sucking-up.
It's cute, but not something to worship or try and gain wisdom from.
Neither worship nor prayer have any part in science.
However you can see if your faith is represented locally in places of worship.
Throughout the world, there are many famous places of worship for all types of religions.
Most organized world religions have structures they set aside for worship.
The worship band begins its set and a pastor offers to pray privately with anyone during the service.
The building is still used as a place of worship but also serves as a museum.
There's no question that each of those figures changed the lives of millions and evoked responses from worship through hatred.
For me scientific discovery is also an occasion of worship.
Worship is an activity that people can enter into with family, friends, and neighbors in quiet concentration.

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