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Unfortunately, colleges often make matters worse by hiding behind technicalities and acting with arrogance.
Worse yet, the junk already in space is making more junk.
Intriguingly, these bright students did much worse when they considered it an intelligence test.
The air in many national wilderness wonderlands is getting worse.
Some of their agaves looked the worse for it but some made it through without a dent.
The end result was that they made significantly worse choices than those who were allowed to consciously think about the cars.
It's worse for academic libraries but many public libraries are facing the same challenges.
Global business executives expect worse times ahead.
The country's current floods are far worse because of decades of river and floodplain mismanagement, experts say.
The threat to his life's work could hardly have come at a worse moment.
It can even make infestations by sucking insects worse by destroying their natural enemies.
Army generals have been complaining, loudly, that their soldiers are getting worse and worse at fighting old-school wars.
And the larger the dose they took, the worse were patients' symptoms of memory loss and inability to care for themselves.
But after inflation is taken into account, the picture looks worse.
If the substances are too strong, a human licker will experience a burning and constricted throat-or far worse.
The more refined the carb and/or the higher the glycemic load of the food, the worse it is for you.
State-budget cuts for colleges could have been worse this year.
Your travel decisions impact the world, for better or worse.
And all seven species of sea turtles are listed as threatened or worse.
As her contractions got stronger the next few days my period got worse.
Tourists might-might-also have noticed that the frescoes looked a bit worse for the wear.
But matters are far worse than the naïve reader would conclude from his pointed emphasis on the lamentable plight of the reviewer.
The world is facing a critical shortage of doctors, and the prognosis is getting worse.
If worse comes to worse, we'll see what we've always seen, a migration of humans to more hospitable environments.
They administered antibiotics, but she only got worse.
Because a new study finds that older folks who accept that seniors' memories get worse do worse on memory tests.
And clearly--as he knows far too well--it could wind up doing much, much worse.
Patients with adenocarcinoma have a worse prognosis and usually more rapid deterioration.
In the fall came worse news: her cancer had recurred and spread, and doctors said she might have only months to live.
That's when the bird's fortune turned-for the worse.
The potential side effects could be far worse than the solution.
The best you can say is that things could have been worse.
It is getting worse and worse, sometimes while writing, often while speaking.
The colonists couldn't have chosen a worse place to settle.
For poor people more generally, it is even worse news.
The only thing worse than seeing a guy toting a cell phone on his belt is seeing a lady wearing one.
With the economy expected to get worse before it gets better, many students will struggle more than ever to pay for college.
And in the short term, it may well make the second problem worse.
Curing almost all malaria cases can be worse than curing none.
If you're being shot at, you could do worse than diving into a swimming pool.
Then came accusations of misconduct, exploitation, and worse.
Now, higher rises and worse case scenarios are more likely.
Instead, he identifies four biases that prompt voters systematically to demand policies that make them worse off.
In the event of combat and/or unrest, looting could become much worse.
It doesn't really get any worse than data fabrication.
The activity shows the stress the seam is under and could be a harbinger of worse to come, scientists warn.
Think of it this way: there may be worse things in life than the first days back at work after vacation.
The flooding is getting worse as water slowly seeps into the city from the lake.
It will get worse and worse and threaten to destroy the entire universe.
Without this movie the world would be a worse place.
But now tourism is taking to the treetops, for better or worse.
Scientists warn that a boom in crops such as corn for biofuel will only make matters worse.
Doctors prescribed antidepressants and later antipsychotics-but the meds only seemed to make her worse.
Damage is usually worse near coastlines, but storm-triggered inland flooding is common.
They appeared to be extremely sensitive to home and family life, for better or worse.
Mental illness gets worse with age, because the damaged cells reproduce.
Acid leaching of ores in ground ore bodies is worse.
Not to mention how much worse the fall down the stars would become with this strapped to your body.
The question is what about the old non-eco-cities, places where pollution has been getting worse and worse for years.
But sometimes doing something is worse than doing nothing.
The impacts of climate change have begun to appear and may get much worse over the course of this century.
Set the scene and let us feel whatever it was that still lingers in your memory, for better or worse.
And, they say, playwrights who satirized the powerful too obviously could find themselves jailed or worse.
Was there any money for training the people in how to make food, because school food is basically as bad as military if not worse.
To make matters worse, our two guides had failed to bring any water of their own and were drinking ours.
The next year was worse, as was the year after that.
Moreover, the state's fiscal crisis is about to make them even worse.
Things are now so bad, he writes, that they're unlikely to get much worse.
Life, which has been no picnic for many in this state since the recession began, is about to get a lot worse.
It is, to my mind, in some ways worse than the housing bubble.
They point out that its debt burden is no worse than in other parts of the rich world.
Governments did not sit on their hands: instead they made things worse.
To make matters worse, the new capacity that is in the works is probably the wrong sort.
What has shifted for the worse is financial-market sentiment.
Worse, economic engines in the rich world are running ever slower as countries exhaust easy sources of rapid growth.
As the presence of so many riot police indicated, none of this was unexpected, and indeed many feared worse.
Those who got drunk on bourbon reported worse hangovers-headaches, nausea and general discomfort.
And scientists warn that a federal mandate to produce more biofuel may make the situation even worse.
Strenuous physical activity in adolescents actually seemed to make mind matters worse.
Short people judge their health to be worse than average or tall people judge theirs.
Even worse, knowing that others said the same thing made everyone more confident they were right.
Which means that the problem gets worse and not better as overpopulation continues.
Treating with too much oxygen, therefore, could increase the production of free radicals and make a bad situation even worse.
Conditions could get worse, he said, if the continued addition of water creates conditions more conducive to a nuclear reaction.
And then there are those who maintain that, possibly, things are about to get a whole lot worse.
And when it comes to stealing books, maybe a little worse.
The relative weighting of the tests made the impact of pot look worse than it was.
Participants in the high-power group considered the misreporting of travel expenses to be a significantly worse offense.
Locking up the pickpocket only sets him up to learn worse tricks from hardened thugs.
And worse than even my poorly appointed hotel room, the wilderness has no power outlets.
Nothing is worse than heading to a board meeting in the middle of winter with a touch of frostbite.
Worse, you never know which is which, and you end up tracing the wire back from the peripheral you want before you can plug it in.
Even worse, patents on five blockbuster drugs were about to expire, which would allow cheaper generics to flood the market.
To us, adding stuff to beer makes it worse more often than not.
In the minds of those who consider that magnificent fiction with a religious feeling it engenders something worse.
Worse, it is impossible to represent a great many of these shades in print.
And seeing the present was bad, he made it yet worse, that thereby the future might be better.
Another maxim, more plausible but equally pernicious, is that superficial knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all.
Coalition cure wrongly seen as worse than the disease.
But that's because he'll perform worse with everyone.
The situation may soon get even worse, because many of the teachers now reaching retirement age are among the best in the system.
Cheering for the underdog is also remembering that it can always be worse.
Civil liberties actually got worse in the aggregate.
In other words, the faster revenue has grown in these companies, the worse their stock has performed.
Worse, as much as they despise each other, they each know that their security depends in varying degrees upon the other.
Overseas, things are no better, and in some places they're worse.
All of this is made so much worse by everyone's aching need to be holier, and hipper, than thou.
Each season, the writer's balance gets worse, and sometimes he falls.
Now she's back, singing as bravely as ever, though at times her voice sounds a bit worse for wear.
And, instead of telling him anything to make him feel better, she told him something that made him feel worse.
If you took other drugs as well, your hangover may be worse.
For better or worse, popular memory flattens out the facts.
It is bad enough to have to miss a writer, and it makes it even worse to have to miss his writing as well.
Also, the second reactor uses plutonium fuel, which makes the situation worse.
And yet it may be that, while kids aren't getting better, they're not getting worse.
Or something can-a family of four pauses beside a station wagon, whose predictability makes matters worse.
Surprise, surprise, the distracted group didn't do as well on the test-10 points worse than the control group.
The only thing worse than a huge stinking pit of manure may be a huge stinking and foaming pit of manure that blows up the barn.
Worse still, science itself was implicated in the disaster.
Asthma, allergies, and heart disease get worse under the stress of heat and smog.
But he found that family therapy often made patients worse.
Poaching and habitat loss remains a huge risk, and will probably get worse with climate change.
And the longer into the future you project the orbit, the worse it gets.
The article notes that science and engineering prevented this disaster from being a lot worse.
And if worse comes to worse you can get a job as a high school teacher.
In such cases, the cure can be worse than the disease.
Worse, it doesn't watch for the ant as do local species.
And to his surprise, the bacteria were the worse for it.
But these effects could be worse if these neural circuits are already weak.
Some years he ran a little faster than the last, but over the course of twelve years his performance got worse and worse.
But life, for better or worse, only occasionally resembles high school.
But bees with their right eye covered did far worse.
Things get even worse when people are actually rewarded for cheating.
And sometimes males make this quandary even worse, by guarding them so they can't mate with other males.
Or, worse yet, not recognizing who my real friends are.
He actually does have a valid point of view-the reality of it is that his brother was a much worse king.
Subsequent reports during the next nine years reached similar, or worse, conclusions.
There are actors who feel the need to have a little drink before they go onstage, and they probably act worse as a result of it.
Paradoxically, even as the working conditions grew worse and salaries were cut, the safety record kept getting better.
The poaching is even worse in the northern part of the country.
With no distant thunder to approach, the loss seems worse for the lack of any ability to prepare.
She began to suspect he was a drug dealer, or worse.
The scene there was twisted from the start, and over a decade or two it grew worse.
And as near as anybody could tell, things were only going to get worse.
Bottom-to-up approaches may be worse than top-to-down for making circuits and such.
Worse than that, you can't even see how illogical your statements are.
Even worse, they all surrendered their address books upon joining.
And then you pair a flex-fuel vehicle with a plug-in hybrid and things get even worse.
The truth is that some industries will actually do worse and some better than that bet.
The audio quality of voice calls on any phone, through any carrier, seems to have gotten worse rather than better.
Worse yet, there is the problem of the e-reader itself.
There are few environmental sins worse than air travel.
Try water exercise or other low-impact exercises, such as riding a stationary bike, to stay active without making the pain worse.
Atrial fibrillation often gets worse over time if left untreated.
Over time, however, symptoms can get worse in some people.
Worse, advocates say, is when mistakes are made in the opposite direction.
Worse even, if they were actually to enjoy a book, they would suspect it to be frivolous.
Many reform proposals are circulating-mostly the sort that will make matters worse.
Worse, fideism requires religion to be divorced forever from science.
But whether they stay or go, their attempts to spring the trap of their own lives generally leads only to worse disaster.
But premature fiscal tightening is worse because it is liable to choke off the recovery prematurely.
They merely see the giant lashing out, often in ways that make an already horrible situation worse.
In the past six months, intra-regional relations have gotten even worse.
It was no worse than many other such establishments: the food was bad, the building underheated, physical punishment the norm.
There was better and worse treatment, and local considerations usually influenced the policy pursued by various rulers.
The damage will surely get worse before it begins to abate.
As bad as they already are, things will have to get still worse before major reform becomes politically possible.
They therefore needed to borrow even more-but now under worse conditions.
Others label him a dreamer, or worse, a pyramid buff with loony ideas.
But a result, not predicted until recently, is that the lower sulfur dioxide levels may actually make global warming worse.
The problem is getting steadily worse for another reason.
Most people got worse at driving and at the given tasks when trying to do both at once.

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