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Wish more people were worrying about bee's in their area.
The findings may be good news for island residents, but it doesn't mean they can't stop worrying.
All that's happened so far is through our not having the sense to keep quiet-worrying them with guns and such foolery.
Artists are always worrying about the betrayals that art entails.
Students should be able to express themselves freely there, he says, without worrying what some professor will think.
Librarians around the country have been watching television-news footage of rising floodwaters, wondering and worrying.
Worrying about who is taking care of parents or grandparents can be a strong distraction and interfere with effective adjustment.
But unlike politicos, faculty members spend their time worrying about methodologies, not persuasive strategies.
Finally: a way to relax and drink a beer without worrying about spilling it everywhere.
Belt drive means not worrying about greasy chain marks on your slacks.
What may have been a comet causes electrical circuits to come alive and leaves residents worrying about radioactivity.
Thus protected, you can benefit from medical genetic testing without worrying about the results being used against you.
Environmentalists are probably worrying too much about the immediate consequences of fracking.
Worrying about a strong dollar and a weak yen makes no sense.
These threats are certainly worth worrying about-a bit.
But the company is now showing some worrying signs of middle-age fatigue.
But that doesn't stop many people from worrying about flying.
But that's not the point of worrying about the budget deficit.
Yet this worrying works for these individuals, because it allows them to be better prepared.
We don't have to question why travelers are still worrying for this, because they gonna put their lives at stake.
Equally worrying is another of its side effects: a sometimes fatal lowered count of white blood cells that are called neutrophils.
We won't be tossing out all of science, and going back to the cave worrying about things that go bump in the night.
If the team had said there was nothing to worry about, it would have been time to start worrying.
Get on with your life and quite worrying about this one.
The real challenge is having a positive, happy outlook while still worrying a bunch so you can live longer and still be thin.
Some people are worrying about qualitative jumps in the increase of fabrication costs due to having to move beyond optics.
Perhaps even more worrying, the pythons may be preying on native mangrove fox squirrels and wood storks.
For biologists, these trends are a worrying sign of the ominous effects of global warming.
Rate of development is extremely worrying, as no pollution controls are in place.
Furthermore, the satellite measurements have helped flag a worrying side effect of excessive groundwater extraction.
It is a worrying situation and one that is increasingly delicate for us.
If you need long underwear, buy these without worrying about them.
It is super soft and no worrying about any allergic.
With the birds putting on weight at a rate of a fifth of an ounce a day, that's a long and worrying adolescence.
As the ten-year anniversary approaches, parents worrying about how to handle the subject can breathe a sigh of relief.
He was both evil and effective, which is a worrying combination.
Breyer is saying that justices should not be worrying about appealing to voters, now or in the future.
Joanna had a drinking problem-or a former drinking problem-and worrying about her was a habit.
Not long ago scientists were worrying about another ice age.
Forget worrying about how you are, start concentrating on how you can help resolve the situation.
Paleontology is a much broader endeavor than worrying about outward appearances.
Simple scoring mechanism means you spend less time worrying about the clock and more solving the problem.
Instant vaporization seems much more desirable than worrying about what to wear for three days.
If you really want to ensure your genetic privacy, you had better start worrying about biological copies.
And that raises some worrying questions about the work going on these days to find signs of extraterrestrial life.
Worrying about the tone of the argument is a distraction.
At the top of his list is not worrying about running out of ink.
The public deserves an answer to this question and the fact that this team are silent on the matter is worrying.
On this view, worrying about whether people say they are happy with the choices they make is nonsense.
If you enjoy sinking yourself into a role and not worrying about it being your face on-screen, this does offer you that.
He stopped worrying about missing the ride and started concentrating on technique.
He was worrying about me-letting me spend on my clothes, and he would dress cheaply.
They can make us do a lot of work and worrying simply by doing nothing.
It took me a long time to realize, you know, worrying about that isn't going to make you better.
On the contrary, they wanted to do their worrying in advance.
But this verdict is a worrying sign of a new orthodoxy.
The superdelegates, especially the elected politicians, are worrying that the party might be cleaved in two.
If you find yourself worrying about this country's educational system, this blog will send you over the edge.
For those who have been procrastinating or worrying, and maybe both, the key is to get started.
Voters indeed may not spend much mental energy worrying about who oversees the small bureaucracy.
Then, worrying becomes counterproductive and undermines our physical and emotional health.

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