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New high-tech labels help libraries track books, but worry privacy advocates.
Worry about bug bites can also wait for warmer weather.
The worry is not about any specific country, or about the present.
Others worry about the effects on traditional ways of life.
It's really only something to worry about if they're drooped over in the morning when it's still cool out.
But people still worry about having it stored next to them.
Even legitimate researchers cut corners, and some worry that the lure of a great headline might be warping results.
There are good reasons to worry about that trend, quite apart from what it implies about the extent of world poverty.
Talk of cloning typically inspires speculation and worry about duplicating people.
The results of a couple of the multiple choice questions would worry anyone, however.
Take notes with your digital camera and don't worry about the weather.
While our hopes for and fears of robots may be overblown, there is plenty to worry about as automation progresses.
The profit motive in online learning is a big worry for me.
But a bigger worry lies in the mounting evidence of an economic slowdown.
But a lot of people worry they are a little too capable.
But right whales feed on plankton, so there's no need to worry.
Since they're lined with moisture barriers, you don't have to worry about any leaking.
Some worry that these near-term solutions are being short-changed.
And since they're baked instead of fried, there's no need to worry about overdoing it.
Now scientists worry that someday, they'll try to take over your brain.
If you're interested in career options at the labs, don't worry about understanding the lingo.
Many hours later the neurologist called and told me the shadow indicated a cyst and not to worry.
However, my friends had their own solution: memorize all of the information so you won't have to worry about losing it.
Because they're lined with moisture barriers, you don't have to worry about any leaking.
Out of control drivers aren't the only thing city cyclists have to worry about.
Nor do paleontologists worry themselves about finding spiritual lessons from the life of the past.
We worry she's too frail to make it through the weekend.
Manufacturers and factory owners needn't worry about pesky human workers for too much longer.
But there was always a worry haunting the beauty of the quants' algorithms.
Others worry that the inevitable increase in dead kangaroos will alarm the campers who frequent the island.
Most of us who fly regularly don't worry much about safety.
Worry that other nuclear confrontations might occur has risen recently.
As archaeologists worldwide help recover looted artifacts, they worry for the safety of the great sites of early civilization.
In the end, specific gravity will be more important than poundage, so don't worry so much about the weight of honey used.
Environmentalists worry about the effect that ozone depletion will have on our planet.
But there is reason to worry that this biodiversity may not last.
Climate scientists worry about and study a variety of these feedbacks.
It's working now, but they worry their plan could be a legal time bomb.
But biologists worry that threatened species such as the alligator snapping turtle may inadvertently be affected.
Spy satellites and space junk aren't the only orbiting objects we've had to worry about.
There are many more important things to worry about.
If you completely missed yesterday's show, don't worry.
Some colleagues share my concern, but worry about stifling academic freedom.
History also suggests that the income gaps that worry governments will narrow.
Don't worry about spelling or punctuation until you are through writing your poem.
Some older students worry that the seminar, and a related speaker series, establishes.
People with aviophobia worry obsessively that they will crash or even die of their own fear.
There is good reason to worry about the state's sheep population.
Many professors rankle at the notion that they should have to worry about it now.
When markets are eaten up by worry it is never easy to change their minds.
Your narrative confirms my thought that you shouldn't worry too much.
As books make the leap from cellulose and ink to electronic pages, some editors worry that too much is being lost in translation.
OP, don't worry about your dissertation topic at this point.
And it's those climate changes that make people worry.
Instead, let's worry about the old bugaboo of drugs and gangs, that hundred-carat headline.
Some professions have to worry about absenteeism-employees not reporting to work.
We could go out all day and our parent's did not have to worry about us.
But some scientists worry the technique hasn't been rigorously studied.
But there are practical reasons to worry about even such a limited reform.
But worry not-the plan is to switch out some artifacts with other pieces in the collections.
However, you probably won't have to worry about the other side of the phone.
If you can't watch the movies in advance, not to worry.
Elsewhere, you may have to worry about cholera and dysentery.
Schemes to restrict the area to foot traffic worry planners who fear the famous crossroads could lose its creative energy.
Gravity takes care of the vines so you don't need to, and that's one less thing to worry about.
Do not worry about tomorrow, the world will end for someone tomorrow.
Eventually we'll store everything online and never have to worry about managing our files at home.
Don't worry yourself too much about the loss of species as a result of human activity.
But privacy advocates worry the ruling could pose a threat to privacy rights.
Nevertheless they tease and worry, poke and tickle the animal continually, so that he is surly and snappish.
Some scientists also worry about the risks that farmed geoducks could pose to native populations.
We may not have to worry about them running out of batteries.
But some scholars worry that the book may disappear again.
No need to worry if the load was too heavy, or unbalanced.
And that may be reason to worry: totalitarian regimes close to demise are apt to get panicky and do rash things.
If you don't understand what the risks are, then you don't worry about them.
Others worry giant companies are taking over the world and making it impossible for small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed.
Whether you acknowledge it or not, there's good reason to worry.
Both their willingness and ability to do so should worry us, however.
The deflationary worry is that consumers, expecting prices to fall, will cut back on purchases.
There are no shoulder straps to worry about and it's a convenient size-but sometimes fashion must take precedent over function.
But many people worry that transgenic organisms might prove more unpredictable.
When you book your hotel, don't worry about selecting a central location or staying near the airport.
Airlines, meanwhile, worry the government will require them to pay to maintain the beefed-up security checkpoints.
The younger generation can't even comprehend why their elders worry about privacy.
But don't worry about the planet disappearing entirely any time soon.
But scientists have recently focused on a specific type of worry that is significantly linked to depression.
If you're a senior citizen and you worry about falling, maybe you should go light on the drinks.
In years gone by, if colon cancer ran in your family all you could do was wait and worry about whether you might get it, too.
However, he added that he does worry about whether he can squeeze into the often overcrowded train.
So science-savvy moms: don't worry about washing behind the ears.
Some worry about the potential strain on the environment.
It is a headline to continue to get people to be unnecessarily worry about climate change.
Some scientists worry that this grim future is fast approaching.
Don't worry, as food production stagnates and populations grow the cost of excess eating will counter act this trend.
Biologists worry about the hunting pressure the squid will put on other species.
It's everyone else who has to worry about a check-engine light, and everyone else who is so often held hostage to it.
Far from declaring war on bees, people now worry that these invading aliens might vanish.
Don't worry, though-one of my friends brought over his father for you to play with.
She began to worry that something would happen to it.
The people have so much worry and fear, and sometimes they are afraid to make any decision.
As if in response to this worry, the movie then parts company with itself.
There were more important things to worry about than the fate of books.
There is ample reason for the leaders of those countries to worry.
This, of course, has been a worry for file-sharers long before it was formalized as a religion.
One common worry was that all this kosher labelling was going on without a rabbi in sight.
If you work in admissions and/or worry about kids these days, this article's worth reading.
While this laudatory initiative has great potential, some might worry about its conspicuous absences.
Despite the good news, there are reasons to worry that endowments may not do as well in the current fiscal year.
With such a bounty on scarab heads, some conservationists worry that populations could be depleted.
We can worry about such things more in a month or so.
With the automatic transmission a driver can stop at the steepest incline on the hill without worry of rolling back.
But several factors worry those who rely on the sea for food and money.
The light was failing, and he needed to return to camp before his colleagues started to worry.
Don't have to worry about parking or traffic and a consistent travel time to budget for.
Caffeine is still a drug, though, which may explain why it makes people worry.
Thus, small firms have much more to worry about than large firms when it credit dries up.
There is good reason to worry that position limits will harm markets more than help them.
But investors increasingly worry that such places cannot, in fact, afford to service their debts-each in a slightly different way.
Businesses worry that such a big rise will deter investment.
Economists worry that, together with the new pension, it will deter small businesses from joining the formal economy.
People do not worry too much about footballers' high pay.
It ought also to worry those millions who, as savers and borrowers, are consumers of the industry's products.
Every year the authorities worry that the disaffected will use the session as a pretext to air grievances.
Others, however, will worry about this kind of talk.
All worry that the eventual sale of these securities could wreak havoc.
The second worry has to do with dysfunctional government.
The worry is that the global economic crisis has dented confidence in the future and intensified gloom about the present.
The worry is that rampant commodity prices may cause another wobble in the world economy.
As a result, electric cars no longer require drivers to buy expensive batteries or to worry about limited driving distance.
Even without the strike, investors have plenty of reasons to worry.
But experts worry the trend might now go into reverse.
If the fishing selectively picks large males, then you have to worry.
Although, we'd still have to worry about things from space.
You're going to worry about what your eyebrow is doing.
Anyway, now is not the time to worry about the unknown.
She was never one to worry about herself as much as she worried about others.
Because you don't have to worry about that sort of thing if you're independent.
Hilly was able to relax and not worry that she might land in the doghouse.
It's a niche worry, and should be optional for the traveling public.
Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.
But our continuing need for oil to power our economy has become a source of worry.
Both managers worry that the infrequent action will affect the timing of their players, especially the hitters.
We don't have to worry about me getting pulled out again.
No one need worry about crude gushing out of their shower heads.
We cannot expect those living in poverty and ignorance to worry about saving the world.
Home-improvement projects are daunting enough without the worry of hidden wires and pipes.
For years pediatricians didn't worry much about treating hypertension in their patients.
Last year he was haunted by another worry: averting an avalanche.
As a watch, it's fine, but the fact that it's also a phone means that you have to worry about battery life.
But as countries turn to abundant coal as the energy source of choice, many worry an environmental catastrophe is in the making.
Worry about a health event is likely to be related to one's appraisal of risk concerning that event.
Not that they worry particularly how good if is for you.
Having a computer partner also meant never having to worry about making a tactical blunder.

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