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The next questions are about longer periods of feeling worried, tense, or anxious.
Nicole has a long history of troubled behavior, however, and lately her intimates have grown worried.
If you're worried about length, you're probably worried about the wrong things.
Policymakers across the world are worried about its financial structures.
She told her doctor that she worried excessively and that she felt overwhelmed by these thoughts.
He laughs a little awkwardly, and it's easy to see why he's worried.
He was far more worried about the rats across the road.
In addition, some conservation groups worried the project was a sign of increasing development in the park.
We see it sharply now that everyone is worried about jobs, fulfilling energy needs and feeding the world.
Worried by the playwright's increasingly unstable state, he also advised a total hiatus from work.
We're worried by these spatters so close to the hives.
Both newspapers and the general public were worried they had once again elected a weak, indecisive commander-in-chief.
He felt stifled and he worried he wasn't growing as a photographer.
It's the mosquito-vector part of the equation that has got people worried about malaria and global warming.
Even the investigators were worried about the impact.
She named all her kids after biblical names and said she s not worried about how support them.
But he also secretly dabbled in alchemy, and worried deeply about religious matters.
Yet the costs are rising, and many administrators are worried.
But few on the trade-show floor looked worried about patents raining on their parade.
But college leaders are even more worried about what comes next.
To his political strategists, worried about re-election, his message was that nation-building should start at home.
She says she's not worried about the war, but about what will happen afterward.
Experts are worried that people are going to take advantage of changeover confusion and produce counterfeit notes.
There's been much hype and speculation, but scientists don't appear to be worried.
Whatever the cause of the emperor's alleged cancer, his enemies need not have worried about a possible return to power.
Academe is their first choice, but the faculty job market is challenging and they are worried about finding a position.
But they were worried enough to protect themselves and their families.
She also worried it would be dangerous for an aircraft to land in the unfavorable polar winter conditions.
People living in castles always had to be worried about being attacked.
He recovered and she called me, worried that he swallowed a nail.
To the worried flight controllers the meaning was clear.
When every joke about your business mentions featherbedding, you should be worried about outsourcing.
One would be worried about the sustainability of its social fabric.
Worried party officials say the political cost of his decision will be high.
Nobody is really worried about a third term except those hopelessly longing for a first term and the dupes they have made.
At the outset do not be worried about this big question-Truth.
The outlook worried him through sleepless nights until it destroyed his reason.
He worried and tormented himself he ought to remember.
He was worried lest during his late discontent he had imperiled his salvation.
As for the contractions, you might want to ask for proof before getting worried.
He was starting to interact a lot with boats, and people were worried for his safety.
Health specialists also worried about the prospect of mosquito-borne diseases, such as yellow fever and malaria, in the tropics.
McNamara, worried that some unidentified pathogen was threatening the zoo's animals, performed her own autopsies.
Bird hadn't figured they would come so close, but now he worried that one of them might bump into his rifle.
Today's students are worried, and colleges and universities are worried too.
When everyone in academe agrees on something, you've got to be worried.
College development officers won't be too worried, though.
Worried that donors would say no, colleges asked for less money-and so donors gave less.
But of course no one on that field is worried about an earthquake.
The movements have managers worried that the ship could slide into deeper waters, carrying rescue teams along with it.
Butter or oil the inside if you're worried about things sticking.
The species that are being lost rapidly are the large vertebrates that conservationists were worried about in the first place.
To the extent that markets were worried about deflation, that might be a reason for equities to rally.
Manufacturers, disproportionately based in the north, are still worried by the strength of the pound against the euro.
It will not discuss any aspect of this guidance yet, but scientists are already worried about what it might contain.
We might also be worried about our own government, or private companies, using drones to peer into our lives.
The future of coral reefs may not be as grim as many have worried.
The first economy has policymakers worried about deflation.
The second has consumers worried about paying their bills.
The government also worried that a foreigner might hike in a remote area and get injured, creating bad press.
He worried that the police would read the last line as a suicide note.
The coach, uncertain of the professional status of his new position, is worried about his future.
In his later years, he emphasized its inevitability and worried that science was keeping people alive too long.
Hugh was worried about the wording of the invitations.
Of course, you quite naturally worried that somebody would step barefoot on top of one by mistake.
In photographs, his gaze is often worried but always firm: he stood his ground.
The more she looked into it, however, the more worried she became about being paired with someone annoying.
She knew he was typical of his generation and worried that something spiritually important was being lost in our society.
So far this is only the nightmare of a worried art lover.
He also had a dark, worried side that brought him to the serious songs.
These are remarkable findings and there can be no doubt, as some have worried, that they raise important ethical issues.
My generation worried less about being outcast and more about being dead.
Going to the doctor can be stressful, especially if you are sick or worried.
Research suggests that employees who are worried about their finances are less productive on the job.
The first thing they said is that they'd be worried about insurance companies obtaining this information.
Most worried are the people who rely on cryptographic codes to protect sensitive information.
Carriers are now worried about how to get low latency capacity to the base stations.
She says that she's worried about logistical and operational problems, such as the even distribution of vehicles.
Advocates for these groups worried that the populations would be exploited or stigmatized by the studies.
People have long worried that technology is destroying privacy.
Today, these same people are seriously worried about the consequences of that fall.
The end of the century is coming, and serious citizens of the world's number one power are beginning to get worried.
They wanted to be seen as knowledgeable and concerned by what worried voters.
Many economists were worried at the time that rate cuts would reinforce an improbable resurgence of inflation.
As far as the response to his inaugural lecture went, he needn't have worried.
There is heartening news, too, for people worried about normal forgetfulness.
If you can toughen up with a cow audience, then you'll never be worried with a human audience.
He was worried audiences would be distracted if his name was at the start of the film, so he opted for having it at the end.
They liked her in spots but worried she was overrefined, soft, skittish.
He often worried about intruding on his subjects' privacy, but never missed the essential moment.
She was never one to worry about herself as much as she worried about others.
Greenspan worried aloud about how he'd ever be able to manage monetary policy once the nation's debt was fully paid off.
But this day her face was drawn, and her eyes looked worried.
She had originally planned to use viruses to carry the gene but worried about the risks.
They worried the whole time that the corkscrewing motion of the ship would snap the wire.
But critics are also worried by the science behind human pesticide tests.
Or perhaps the actor worried that one day it might be the recipient of a shock.
They are now worried that more and more of the injuries are caused by human behavior.
She worried that it would constrict, cutting off the blood supply to his hand and fingers.
For everyone worried about anthrax, a little perspective, please.
Company recruiters are worried about staff reductions.
The opposition, still looking bland and disorganized, is worried it could be one more glamorous nail in its coffin.

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