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For countless families worldwide, cookies define holiday tradition.
Worldwide popularity is in fact the sole downside of operating an icon.
Non-communicable diseases account for the majority of deaths worldwide.
The cost of telecommunications has fallen worldwide.
Other scientists, government leaders, inventors and investors worldwide want to hear from him.
Archaeological finds worldwide have helped researchers to fill out the story of human evolution and migration.
He did, and the resulting photograph was quickly on its way to being published worldwide.
With increased rates of vaccination, though, incidence of the disease is declining worldwide.
Acid rain destroyed fish populations in lakes and streams, harmed fragile soils and damaged millions of acres of forest worldwide.
In that time, overfishing has allowed seaweed and algae to grow unchecked, smothering coral worldwide.
There were fires worldwide, a tsunami more than half a mile high and storms of acid rain.
Several months later, after scientists worldwide protested the move, it looked as if the charges would be dropped.
It was an act that generated worldwide outrage and endures as a symbol of mindless desecration and religious extremism.
People worldwide want and deserve the benefits of your capabilities.
Worldwide, nearly twenty thousand species of bees have been identified.
What was really unusual was the worldwide fall in real estate prices.
The value of the worldwide kosher market has been estimated to be a hundred and sixty-five billion dollars per year.
Straight edge is a hardcore-punk movement that started in the eighties and still exists worldwide today.
But last fall, when bank lending stopped worldwide, construction projects stalled and the demand for recycled materials plummeted.
The weekend before last, this gargantuan video game of a movie crashed through the two-billion-dollar barrier, worldwide.
However, at that time billions of people worldwide had still not joined the wave of globalization.
Estimates suggest that several thousand people worldwide wish to get rid of a normal healthy limb.
Meat consumption is rising worldwide, but production involves vast amounts of energy, water and emissions.
Similarly, there will be a demand for highly trained, skilled craftsmen and operators both nationally and worldwide.
Real leadership is needed to initiate a worldwide process.
Soccer worldwide is about more than sport tout court.
The group's timing coincides with increased attention to student affairs worldwide.
It is not characterized by baseless, wacky conspiracy theories about worldwide plots by mainstream science.
But now all sorts of national and worldwide trends are merging to increase the importance of higher education.
The argument about trying to obtain the best talent worldwide tends to fall in the face of these kinds of arguments.
Big picture, the tablet industry is set to explode this year and next, becoming a worldwide phenomenon.
His bankers were concerned about the price of diamonds, which had declined worldwide.
Now there was a comment that everyone hates police worldwide.
It also strove to sustain worldwide strategic commitments far beyond its shrunken means.
Economic growth was decoupled from growth in the use of fossil fuels and the gains in efficiency were felt worldwide.
One of our tasks was to evaluate the role of the tanker aircraft likely to be available and of overseas bases worldwide.
Eva will begin to appear in worldwide ads this month, lending her flawless face to the beauty world through another dimension.
Content, but discontent with the leadership worldwide.
There are good signs that worldwide oil production is declining.
The company also sells robots to governments and industrial clients worldwide.
Cataracts are the single biggest cause of blindness and are responsible for almost half of all cases worldwide.
The trial is one of a handful worldwide seeking to prove the effectiveness of gene therapy for eye diseases.
Arsenic poisoning affects millions of people worldwide.
Hopefully this leads to more technologies along this line, allowing for more manufactured weather worldwide.
These chemicals are natural environmental toxins, a problem endemic with dust sources worldwide.
Worldwide news over time is making the situation all too obvious.
Rapid worldwide depletion of predatory fish communities.
Those are the overwhelming facts of worldwide language extinction.
Worldwide, about a billion tires are sold annually, and eventually all get tossed.
More than a billion people worldwide lack clean drinking water.
Stem cells have been the subject of worldwide scrutiny for years, yet they remain a puzzle.

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