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He also maintained the view that an excess of material goods and worldly influence corrupted humans.
Fundamentalism is less dangerous when your religion has little worldly power.
Sometimes worldly rulers draw on religious symbolism to enforce their authority, impress their subjects or legitimise war.
Usually such quarrels involve worldly goods and rival claims to be the true believers.
But he was a worldly paradise seeker of unusual persistence.
Students are benefiting from the more worldly and pragmatic courses, but the budget cuts mean a degradation of course quality.
Economist, stop pretending to be a worldly magazine if you cannot display an ounce of worldliness describing events at home.
Having the dollar not being the world reserve might nudge us to be slightly more responsible, worldly citizens.
Anyone who has left the rice in cooking pot until the next day knows it turns to an other-worldly concrete over night.
One realises when reading the comments made, that our worldly consciousness is changing rapidly.
For his truly were customers of worldly discernment.
Worldly pays seemingly no attention, but nothing escapes her.
Meanwhile, a little-known berry or spice conveys the worldly sophistication of the critic, which the drinker can share.
The latter may be explained by the standard of worldly success which this visited families hold.
It may be all bits and volts, but it's not other-worldly.
Some guys aren't worldly, but they'd make great dads.
As a dispenser of grades he is a gatekeeper to worldly success.
For us, they packed up their few worldly possessions and traveled across oceans in search of a new life.
In the end they can free themselves from the worldly state.
The program combines natural history footage with computer-aided images to reveal the other-worldly powers of animals.
Instead of an extremely bright image, the display showed every worldly imperfection in precise detail.
These luxurious gardens provide a spiritual haven from worldly worries.
The ark, isolated from worldly concerns, is a haven which allows reflection and nurtures the imagination.

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