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Example sentences for workstation

About ten years ago our campus began provisioning faculty with laptops, rather than desktops, as the primary workstation.
My supervisor finally barred them from my workstation.
Above each machinist's workstation there was a wooden cube with a different colour painted on each face.
It is operated from a computer workstation, rather than by traditional aircraft controls, and has an automatic landing system.
Lacking space in her bedroom for a lab bench, she bought a vertical shelving unit and built her workstation straight up.
Using a workstation and a joystick, the researchers grabbed candidates from an inventory of stick-figure diagrams of components.
And designs that include sliding cutting boards, graters, and multiple sprayers help you achieve maximum workstation efficiency.
It will also be a multimedia workstation, supporting the playing and composing of music, for example.
Only perfectly matched samples remain, and the output is then read on a customized desktop workstation.
When that happens, a red alarm light flashes at a poolside laptop workstation and lifeguards are alerted via waterproof pagers.
Lodging options include luxury suites with walkout beach access and deluxe double queen rooms with a workstation and ocean views.
In addition, business travelers can utilize an unstaffed business center with computer workstation.
The suite is furnished with leather chairs and a custom couch seating area, two televisions with cable and a workstation.
The hotel has a bistro-style restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a small fitness room and a computer workstation.
Executives can also take advantage of a computer workstation with printer, copier, fax and mail service.
In addition to a king size bed the room featured a modern couch and workstation.
In addition, business travelers can utilize a computer workstation in the main office.
Ben showed me his portable workstation which folds up into an easy to carry case and unfolds into a full sized work area.
That's enough, the company says, to power a workstation for two or three days.
Anything with a hardware keyboard is again relegated to the role of a specialized workstation.
The new system combines a low-energy blue-green laser with a computer workstation.
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