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But works under copyright are typically available only for rent.
Scholarly work may include conference presentations, refereed publications, and other scholarly works.
But no fund raiser, in my experience, truly works alone.
The works resonate with people who know nothing about the private lives of their creators.
These summer-inspired sandwiches are perfect for a quick and satisfying weeknight dinner that works anytime of the year.
Any mix of seafood works well in this chewy-tender stew, served over quinoa.
When snow covers the garden, as it has recently in much of the country, it works both for and against the plants you're growing.
Surprisingly, this gentle deterrent even works on her dogs, which used to lie down in these areas and smash her plants.
The fireplace now works as the unifying factor for the multifunctional space.
Fine-textured refined or unrefined works well for all-purpose cooking and seasoning.
But even for firm fish, as well as others that are more delicate, a little support works wonders.
Any mix of seafood works well in this chewy-tender stew, which pairs beautifully atop nutritious quinoa.
Three ornamental rocks will help you figure out how this works in your own garden.
It's the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon reading works old and new.
The hotter your location, the better solarization works.
Yet throughout his career he explored issues of style, structure and meaning by creating variations of works by other artists.
We have a few other new editorial ideas in the works as well.
Temporary exhibitions highlight various aspects of the collections and include works from around the world.
We unearthed these lesser-known works from well-known personages.
But not all trickery actually works, especially in baseball.
The material, he adds, works particularly well for water pipelines and low- to medium-pressure natural gas pipelines.
The mission's goal is simply to prove that solar sail technology works.
For about as long as humans have created works of art, they've also left behind handprints.
The local government organization works to monitor and improve regional air quality.
But human hands performed equally incredible works here.
These gigantic works of art are produced by humans, who pull planks attached to ropes.
For world leaders, geography is a crucial part of understanding how the world works.
There is no question that the somewhat grim technique works.
The bees' main defense-stinging-rarely works against the hornets, which are armored with tough plates of cuticle.
We'll have more details and a review of the system soon, but for now it's worth taking some time to think about how it all works.
We unpack whether a controversial prevention method works.
Since then debate has centered on whether it truly exists and, if it does, how it works.
Once you do that, you'll find out whether it works or not.
But the details of how the drug works remain unclear.
Notoriously, the theory of quantum mechanics reveals a fundamental weirdness in the way the world works.
Exactly how garlic works against such disparate foes, however, has proved somewhat difficult to understand.
It seems that scientists have been struggling forever to make a mechanical heart that really works.
If researchers can map the many connections between these cells, they will be closer to understanding how vision works.
The technique works by detecting the levels of oxygen in the blood, point by point, throughout the brain.
Although no one knew what the stuff is made of or how it works, scientists could see from its effects that it is out there.
Whether it works or not, it shows how much the nature of modern belligerency is changing.
Excellent idea and hopefully more such works will follow.
The system works as long as cross border obligations are met.
Rulers, who were also patrons of the arts, invited foreign craftsmen to court and imported their works.
So a wiser approach to public works is slowly taking shape.
The cabinet is the latest of a number of older works going for record prices.
If these works are recovered, such a high-profile theft would probably increase their value.
Procrastination works fine-in a world where the future is perfectly predictable.
But physicists have never agreed on how this self-balancing act works.
Now a team of neuroscientists and immunologists may have figured out why this works.
How a living material of cheese fungi sandwiched between plastic sheets works.
We believe there should be a single theory that works over all regimes.
To aid the afflicted, new drugs are also in the works.
The motor is about as small as a mechanical device can be, and yet it actually works.
And it works not only for cloth, plastic wrap, and other fabrics but also for shriveled apples and people's faces.
Hypnosis works better than medicines for treating many things including anxiety and phobias.
In apes, the gluteus works to prevent that and helps keep their bodies balanced.
Well, it turns out polarization works down here, too.
Most of his mature works begin with a tone materializing from silence, and end with a dematerialization toward silence again.
He works at the physical scale of architecture and at the intellectual scale of art history as a whole.
The story, sour and relentless, works toward a gruesomely unhappy ending.
Her husband works for a travel agency that specializes in trips abroad and is away from home half the year.
If the lasing process works in one direction, why can't it work in the other, they ask.
The glue not only works well on wet surfaces, but it can also be pulled off and reused more than a thousand times.
How the technology behind biometric security works.
They are tinkering with the texture of the metals and coatings to see what works best in certain harsh environments.
If you want to know how the online adult industry works, you must become a part of that industry.
If it works as expected, the technology could help address one of the fundamental problems with using hydrogen as fuel.
Also, because the printheads don't make contact with the silicon, the method works with thinner silicon wafers.
But there's a problem: no single measurement works for everyone.
The system also tracks the object's movement, and works out its orientation.
All they have to do now is demonstrate that their tractor beam works.
The master has curiosity also, but it is chiefly about the way the pupil's mind-or hand-works.
Whether a treatment is conventional or alternative, the medical profession should be doing what works.
The farmers and their works are scarcely more obvious than woodchucks and their burrows.
Works of fiction are the primary sources of history.
And maybe you learn a little bit about how patent literature works along the way.
If you made my honey cake and have some extra honey around, here's a super easy appetizer that works its charms year-round.
That's how she works-one-on-one with students-even if they come in groups.
On weekends, he works at a supermarket, roasting their meats.
He works for this concession stand part time, on top of a full-time job with an airline that lets him fly for free.
It's a close-knit clan that works and plays together.
But as these chefs' experiences in this country show, gastro-culture shock works in both directions.
They are always explaining how the photographing machine works.
As he works his way through his second year, our correspondent checks in.
For others, it's an opportunity to get up to speed on fresh works in art and design.
The funny thing is, his method actually works, for him.
And it turns out that the same meticulous approach that made her a great dramatic actress works in comedy as well.
Municipalities throughout the area are getting more for their buck on new public works projects.
We must not imagine that increased taxation and vast public works alone can do the job.
To ensure the continued publication and integrity of peer-reviewed research works by the private sector.

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