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When you're working with a bold hues, pick one to take center stage.
We enjoy working with you and look forward to serving your needs in the future.
Working in small batches, transfer soup to a blender or food processor and whirl until smooth.
Plant both kinds now from inexpensive bare-root stock, and they'll be working their full floral magic in four or five years.
Right now we're working on a spring garden, with feast to follow.
Also use roofing nails to attach asphalt shingles, working up from the roof's bottom end.
Working from the inside out, loop the twine around the wreath, using the dowels to help guide the twine.
While glue is still wet, slowly and gently apply print, working from one side of the board to the other.
It lays out his vision, his breeding accomplishments, and some great ideas on working shrub roses into your garden.
Working vacations keep costs low, with minimal infrastructure and an opportunity to do some cultural good while on holiday.
For anyone looking for a meaningful vacation, a volunteer vacation on a working farm may be the right one for you.
Working long hours is considered a hallmark of a medical residency.
It's too bad nuclear scientists can't stop working for the military and can't get off their bomb addiction.
The shaded section in the middle represents the overlap of the two sets, with answers in this area working for both sets.
Until the intellectual property expires, they have the sole rights for working on that gene from a scientific standpoint.
More than a working majority of our voters now register from the tenements.
The rich do all they can to avoid working with their hands, and the poor to rid themselves of the necessity.
They made their own clothes, and were generally employed in working wool.
We know that they observe a high standard of ethics and that they are working for the uplift of the race.
Nanotechnology scientists are working to generate electricity from raindrops.
It tells us what's working, what's not, and where to invest efforts.
Communities with natural beauty and a high quality of life are magnets for businesses, working families and retirees.
Portfolio working is a vision of the way people will work in the future.
The introduction of flexible working, of itself, gives no guarantee that employees' work-life balance will improve.
Working against these trends was the heft of one chain in particular.
As things stand, the absolute number of people of working age in the developed world is set to fall.
When you see understanding in our eyes, instead of confusion, you'll know the approach is working.
Nonstandard academic calendars help some colleges attract working adults as well as maximize their use of federal money.
Working without piano or any other accompaniment, the singers took the roof off the church.
Don't forget to rest your feet and enjoy a cool beverage in the working, colonial tavern.
We're working to solve these problems, and your feedback will help us do so.
He supports a family of five by working at a nearby kiln, molding bricks by hand for up to eighty hours a week.
These are people with full-time jobs who make slightly more than the minimum wage-the working poor.
Newcomers with no training could start out working the simplest and then gradually learn others.
Working stateside, you're likely to make the same amount in a month.
Living and working in a foreign country, you begin to understand the rituals that create community.
Working from large cavity end, gently run your fingers between skin and meat to loosen skin, being careful not to tear skin.
When you're working from treasured recipes, comfort food can be as satisfying to make as it is to devour.
These days, even high-end chefs are working the dog into their menus.
Get your whisk in there and start working it while you pour in a thin stream of neutral-flavored oil.
No doubt everyone now living and working considers himself modern.
But his entire working life as an artist had only spanned nine years.
Researchers are working on transplanting stem cells in utero.
Access to computers alone won't help the working poor, experts say.
The device could also rapidly verify whether the drugs are working and alert the doctors if the cancer recurs.
It is now working to place its liquid-explosives-detection technology in airports.
They are now working on building an actual device based on their calculations.
Many research groups are now working on magnetic refrigerators, making better materials and coming up with better system designs.
But intense pressure to show that gene therapy is working has prompted the companies involved to spin the best possible story.
Although game developers and third-party specialists are always working to combat cheaters, the problem has continued.
They're working to give better-quality search results and to match ads better.
Working over a small bowl, squeeze gently to extract seeds.
Working for a book is different than working for an exhibition or working for a magazine story, or for an essay.
Information regarding traumatic stress, for the people who are working with trauma survivors.
He equipped the working car with a toothy jaw and a tail that swished.
Medical researchers are working on new kinds of vaccines that could cure everything from diabetes to nicotine addiction.
If you see bleeding stop when you are doing neurosurgery, that usually means that the animal you are working on has.
Others want to deliver working copies of broken genes into retinal cells, restoring their function.
The good news is that a working teleportation device already exists.

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