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Teams of workers sing along with a straining boom box.
The point is to increase mechanization and eliminate the need for workers to harvest bunch by bunch.
The problem comes with people or farm workers who feel that more is better and end up contaminating the environment.
Idle industries have cast workers into unemployment, causing human misery and personal indignity.
If workers feel there is a safe outdoor walk or biking path near their work, they're apt to be more active.
Workers will remove the marble panels that currently block the view to the museum's third floor.
Construction workers often lose their lives when erecting great structures.
It's intended for health workers in remote parts of developing nations.
The workers started by filling metal frames-each measuring ten square feet-with bottles encased between sheets of chicken wire.
With collaborative tools, disaster-response teams and relief workers can identify risk zones and emerging threats more rapidly.
Computerized sleeves may soon allow manufacturing bosses to monitor and record workers' moves and mine them for efficiency data.
Some workers at the sites visited complained that the boots did not fit properly.
Stop allowing illegal workers and hold both the workers and the businesses that pay reduced wages or under the table accountable.
Click on an education level to see what percent of workers in other categories out-earn the typical worker at that level.
Statistics show that workers who belong to unions earn higher salaries and better benefits than workers who do not.
Two of the important ones are computer specialists and workers in business and financial operations.
It seems to me when workers dont have jobs, the economy cant function as those workers can not spend money.
Workers can be blocked or not paid at any time for any reason.
In turn, from survivors' accounts, there was little panic on the part of workers in the towers.
The expansion of this system is considered vital for a nation in desperate need of skilled workers.
It is estimated that the workers would have had to set a block every two and a half minutes.
Or rescue workers might lower bags or containers to isolate the wastes within the shelter.
Workers drilling at the site said they also found a sheet of gold wrapped around the drill bit when they withdrew it.
Holding the pieces aloft, workers join the river of ants flowing back toward a nest laden with prizes from other hunts.
Restaurant workers regularly filter and reuse the oil in the deep fryer, and home cooks can recycle cooking oil, too.
So far, animal workers have responded to more than a thousand requests to search abandoned homes for pets left behind or missing.
The beach was well-populated with heavy machinery and tents of clean-up workers.
As evening comes on and the humidity rises, more workers arrive from nearby nests.
The former method requires wildlife workers to find, compare and count tiger paw prints.
For shift workers, odd hours usually mean strange sleeping habits and unhealthy meals.
Health care workers are subject to the same human foibles as the rest of the population.
It is a center of excellence, equipped with locally trained health care workers and lab technicians.
Several workers got the equivalent of a sunburn on their ankles.
Silane gas has killed and injured workers at cell-making plants.
Those machine-smashing textile workers were reacting to immediate threats, such as losing their jobs.
It would take weeks or longer for workers to fix them all.
We should note, however, that workers have also been devising strategies that compensate for cord damage instead of repairing it.
In jobs from the retail floor to the developers' office, workers are losing the race against machines.
When workers feel rushed, accidents are likelier to occur.
But what drives wealth isn't how many people a place is adding, but how much more productive its workers are becoming.
Retail sales persons, cashiers, and food preparation workers are adding more jobs than any in the country.
Construction workers without money can't afford to move to areas where there is still some work.
Meanwhile, the better workers you do have have come from another firm, which now has fewer excellent workers.
Our measure of high-tech density is the number of high-tech workers per square kilometer.
They're not hiring because workers are too expensive.
Mention it to co-workers and friends and they go into a reverie about eating it as kids.
When workers on the rig tried to activate the well's blowout preventer, it failed.
She is among the fastest workers, with a stuffing rate of about a thousand per hour.
In a number of industries, workers produce about as much per hour as they did a decade or two ago.
He stacked bricks, mixed cement, and hammered wood with the workers.
He was someone who could talk to city councillors and social workers.
Many of the townspeople continued the tradition of farming with the aid of migrant workers, who lived in ramshackle huts.
The workers are often found dead, some distance away.
Only a few people have to worry about this: slaughterhouse workers and prion researchers.
Bartenders, police officers, and hospital workers routinely identify drunks by their slurred speech.
Workers at prisons are also beginning to echo his view.
Tourists click photos, office workers hurry across the cobblestone paths, and everyone is perfectly dry.
But that turned out to be a pleasant fiction, a tale told to lab workers foolish enough to ask.
In the future, nuclear clean-up workers may be getting help from some surprising sources.
The tiny workers are bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria but are harmless to humans.
Then the workers moved in with booms and skimmers to pick up the standing oil.
We're software engineers rather than construction workers.
Every day now the workers wind the tower's tilt clock back by months or even as much as a year.
In a cacao harvest, workers gather ripe pods and extract the bean-laden pulp by hand.
Software lets workers collaborate online by clicking together.
Companies are spending more on social and collaboration software, as new tools compete for workers' attention.
Then it could use the cloud-stored data as desired-for example, to search the database to understand how its workers collaborate.
Then the workers must go back to the field with the maps to dig up the weapons.
Health workers are left to develop their own methods for differentiating among diseases and setting priorities for treatment.
To ensure that workers annotate images in a standard way, software guides them as they work.
To me, that says some oil people and some government workers need to go to jail.
Not only military and firemen, but aid workers and journalists.
There's not much being reported about the individual plant workers here.
Kirk worked his way up from abject poverty, selling snacks to mill workers and delivering newspapers.
The luxury and semi-luxury industries had laid off thousands of workers.
He has revamped workers' compensation to increase benefits for injured workers and reduce employee costs.
They board the plane, hug their co-workers, and immediately begin to prepare for takeoff and beverage distribution.
And another lot would house workers for the farm, along with a place to sell the products.
More workers are being taken advantage of by unfair wages or, worse, not being paid at all as companies have folded.
It is a familiar scene these days: employees taking newly laid-off co-workers out for a consolation drink.
What a pernicious example at a moment when workers are already anxious about their security.
They write up false evaluations to put good workers' jobs at risk.
Today's people at the top exploit workers in somewhat different ways.
There is a historical example that makes the point: workers' compensation.
Some even go out of their way to find out what their workers really want.
The manner or method by which you choose to insure your workers' compensation liability is your decision.
Administers unemployment benefits and workers compensation for the state.
Social workers help people overcome problems and make their lives better.
Absences from work of employed full-time wage and salary workers.
Protect yourself, your family and your co-workers by getting vaccinated and staying informed.
Workers who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments may be at risk of heat stress.
Workers' compensation claims and insurance information.

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