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Suddenly, a paint-splattered worker picking at a nearby wall shouts, waves his steel trowel and points.
Then the health worker, or even the patient, can take a picture of the stamp with a cellphone.
Worker animals dig the burrows that the whole clan inhabits, using their prominent teeth and snouts.
Beekeepers would lift the lid of a hive to find only the queen and a few stragglers, the worker bees gone.
But with increased worker productivity came the incredible paranoia that meth, more than any other drug, is known for.
Always a boss and never a worker, always a liar, always a thief and never caught.
Visit the library and ask a librarian, not a student worker.
If you need help at the library, be sure to ask a librarian though instead of a run-of-the-mill library worker.
Even such customer-oriented salespeople were found to lose all respect from customers for having barked at a co-worker.
One might refer to the multi-national crews of the space shuttles and station as worker bees in an orbiting hive.
Because of phenomenal increases in output per worker, manufacturing output rose sharply.
As a radiation worker, my own exposure was dramatically reduced because of the fear of lawsuits.
It was erected as quickly as possible to limit worker exposure to radiation, and was never meant to last forever.
It is the cost per worker that is going up, it would seem.
For the high-trust job of daycare worker, people were more likely to prefer the religious candidate.
Ask a defense worker about the cold war and chances are he/she was all for fighting it.
The cost would have been much higher because of regulations on worker safety.
The average worker nowadays is in a call center, not out in the field.
Since the worker can't sting, they instead make the beetles into mummies.
Again, a valuable worker, but on this one he's in a dark wood wandering.
Years ago, my father had a new co-worker who was an avid mountain climber.
Most likely, every worker at the plant is going to die of radiation exposure.
Get used to a non-human world where the human worker can be completely dispensed with.
Yet amid this carnage there is one thing that, surprisingly, has continued to grow: the paycheck of the average worker.
Narrator describes his present life as a worker in a small college library.
Each panel consists of three members-usually a lawyer or a judge, a doctor, and a psychologist or a social worker.
We care about every worker in our worldwide supply chain.
While you may believe you're a diligent worker and deserve to be rewarded, others may not perceive you the same way.
Each worker thus strives to favour the reproductive success of the queen, even at the price of her own reproductive failure.
Handy believes that the age of the portfolio worker will mark the return of the professional agent.
And the more bargaining power the individual worker has, the less the need to go collective.
It is funded by a compulsory levy paid by companies and public-sector bodies on each worker they employ.
Normally worker protests dissipate rapidly, with unions usually taking the side of managers.
The critics of this guest-worker scheme, including trade unions, argue that it depresses wages and undermines working conditions.
If the number of workers drops, output per worker has to rise to maintain the same level of production.
His marketplace takes outsourcing, widely adopted by big business over the past decade, to the level of the individual worker.
Fifty years later, the blue-collar worker seemed to dominate every single developed society.
Worker mobility gives the tech industry fluidity, velocity, and energy.
The parameters of the solution said that a worker went to the kitchen and came back to make it work.
But then again, my contact in this case was a co-worker on the other side of the office, not someone across the pond.
In the last three decades, gross domestic product doubled but the typical worker's real wages barely increased.
It is entirely possible that a worker who is ill may be present physically, but mentally he or she might as well be home in bed.
He is a prodigious worker, and by all accounts a brilliant inside political player.
Generally there are two people at a machine, one a skilled worker, one an apprentice.
One way to look at it is to say that that's roughly what a worker earning minimum wage and working full time earns in a year.
He variously made a living as a truckdriver and a construction worker.
And university education is affordable for the average worker's kids.
Hyman is a licensed social worker who began doing money management professionally five years ago.
That's not much less than what the average worker spends to commute to the job.
The worker bees that make hives run simply disappeared, their bodies never to be found.
If current trends continue, by next year the average middle-aged worker will spend less than eight years at the same company.
Depending on the type of job you had, or where you live, dislocated worker resources may vary.
Less than two months later, a second worker slipped from a beam, but also escaped injury because of his fall protection equipment.
Resources and data to help reduce highway construction worker injuries and fatalities.
Warehouse operations can present a wide variety of potential hazards for the worker.
Many full-time jobs as a recreation worker require a college degree with a major in parks and recreation or leisure studies.

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