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Even on plantations, however, they worked in other capacities.
Industrialized countries have worked to reduce levels of sulfur dioxide, smog, and smoke in order to improve people's health.
Since then, researchers have been probing how such a sunstone might have worked.
But little was known about how the odd adaptation worked.
There are what seem to be hundreds of moon buggies being worked on and racing around in the parking lot.
Most of the captives were headed for sugar plantations where they'd be worked to exhaustion, many dying within five to ten years.
The charcoal worked wonders on the aging process of his whiskey, and bourbon was born-to the delight of generations that followed.
Prisoners shared cells, worked together, and even played in organized sports.
For a short window of time it was a free-for-all, as people worked shoulder to shoulder toward the same goal--gold.
We worked for a while as migrant farm laborers, and then three of us-three families-bought a farm.
To the astonishment of his detractors, this seemingly desperate measure worked, and the tunnel was pumped dry.
In the evenings, he returned to his apartment and worked on designs for a sophisticated time bomb.
Special daytime parking arrangements for the heavy load have to be worked out with towns along the route.
Private collectors had already worked over the quarry which held the dinosaur's skeleton before scientists got to it.
Employees rated supervisors who worked out as less abusive than their sedentary counterparts.
They can say, here's work we've done before that worked, here's work that we've done before that didn't work.
And they found two that worked without any tweaking.
Those who worked out to tunes improved their gait and had longer and more stable strides.
It worked on other pathogens as well including microbes and viruses.
It's funny those that have never worked around low level radiation should know so much about it.
He was inspired by the way ions move across cell membranes and has worked to make similar structures that perform important tasks.
You'll know what worked and what didn't and what you should be planting now.
The marketing ploy worked so well that confusion about yams has persisted.
One of the birds that the trainers worked with, but was too unpredictable to be on stage, was a raven.
He gave me names of a couple of vets who worked with chickens.
Before writing about technology, he covered snowboarding and skateboarding as a journalist and worked in the music industry.
He says he is a political scientist, and has worked for a number of campaigns.
For the next two weeks, the crew and the science team worked around the clock, collecting hundreds of samples.
Notwithstanding his affliction, he worked almost constantly night and day for the cause to which he had given his life.
In the evening when she had worked till she was weary she had no bed to go to, but had to sleep by the fireside in the ashes.
The formula was all right, but merely repeating it worked no cure.
The study found that such counselling worked, both mentally and physically.
He began with more, but then worked to make them as concise as possible.
He was a natural tinkerer, fascinated by how machines worked and how they could be made to work better.
Science then uses those inventions to develop itself, and to explain why they worked in the first place.
If you lived in a town, you worked in a state-owned factory or office.
Brought in to protect the health of non-smokers who worked in or frequented such places, it seems to have worked.
He was successfully treated over the years with chemotherapy until standard drugs no longer worked.
My mom worked full-time as a physical therapist, yet prepared dinner each night for our family of five.
Which wouldn't have worked if she weren't such a culinary magician.
It worked its subtle magic on the pasta, as it had on the sliders.
These drinks worked because the spirits and the mixers tasted good in their own right.
And it worked-he reached his audience, and people got the full experience of his mind and personality-but you had to be there.
After she was released, she went to graduate school in economics and then worked in a think tank.
He briefly worked selling mutual funds to finance his art.
Yet to anyone who has worked at a newspaper, many of them are also recognizable types.
Kat had worked in the financial markets for almost fifteen years, but what he learned about hedge-fund fees shocked him.
The material might have worked onstage, where its silliness could have gathered speed and style.
Meyer, before starting his novel, worked as a derivatives trader and drove an ambulance.
His father wore suits and worked in white offices with soft white couches and had his secretary print out e-mails for him to read.
These guys have worked out how to measure power differences between individuals using the patterns of words they speak or write.
The team worked for five months, repeating the process again and again as they slowly plotted the course of the celestial bodies.
Differences between the data sets the organizations worked from are also unclear.
Almost every summer during his college years, he worked to pay for his degrees.
Although this process worked well for testing the properties of the system, it is too expensive for large-scale manufacturing.
These guys have developed a robotic touch sensor, covered it with fingerprints and worked out exactly how useful they are.
He certainly has never worked in the area, therefore he's bewildered and scared by it.
Finally, having worked out what factors make an article successful, they used this to predict how popular other articles would be.
Recently an evolutionary geneticist told me that his colleagues who worked with mice really didn't have their stuff together.
Nobody had worked on entanglement with more than two particles, though the approach is kind of obvious in hindsight.
By working with these remarkable people, scientists have worked out a lot about the scope and limits of their abilities.
At first the researchers worked with only small laboratory rodents, mice and rats.
For one thing, we've done this a few times already in a rather impromptu way, and it's worked out really well.
Perhaps an appeal for some of the scientists that worked at the now closed down plant would help.
The next stop was a chiropractor, who worked on both hip and back with no improvement.
In the game, players worked together to rearrange proteins into different shapes.
It is inappropriate for him to suggest or imply that he has worked with our data and come to a different conclusion.
To everyone's happy surprise, the old standbys worked wonders, maybe because the patient had smoldered unaided for so long.
Another was the impossible staircase, which my father had worked on and designed.
Now, if the same transformation can be worked on their husbands and lovers, the enchantment will be complete.
They have argued, worked, and laughed together for decades.
Born into the landed gentry, he worked as a civil servant while writing and editing for radical journals.
At night, he worked on his pop songs or waited tables to pay the studio bills.
She put a clothespin on her nose and worked to bring her voice down a register, to achieve clarity and depth.
But what really came through was how well they worked as an ensemble.
Everybody she had ever worked with thought she was beautiful.
Any work which your employee is required to perform while traveling must be counted as hours worked.
Any work which you are required to perform while traveling must be counted as hours worked.
Criminologists still debate why: the crack war petered out, new policing tactics worked, the economy improved for a long spell.

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