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The search for workable and healthy solutions is a difficult one, and approaches around the world vary widely.
Wolves are trainable and workable and make loving companions.
But kicking the can down the road isn't a workable strategy much longer.
According to the report, a workable plan keeps the focus on scholarly communication over all.
The second, more workable solution is that many archives have microfilmed some collections.
We should be smart enough to implement workable race-conscious plans.
But the project also needed someone who could translate the community's goals into a workable college plan.
Our situation, although it is not perfect, seems to be workable.
The history of copy protection proves that concessions can be workable.
Eventually you must always figure out which of your possible solutions are workable and which are not.
Nuclear is still the only available workable option.
The vast majority are not workable, often for fairly glaringly obvious reasons.
Probably not enough to make this a workable interstellar drive.
Solar power via the moon is absolutely workable and cost-effective.
Smart environmentalist need to realize that economics mean something to get to workable solutions.
We don't appear to be headed for any type of useful consensus or workable set of goals to strive for.
The grim irony is that both offerings hold a workable kernel for novel screen entertainment.
In their view, three things are needed to create a workable solar-thermoelectric device.
It's an interesting thought experiment, but it is not a workable currency.
They are only workable because relatively few people use them but everyone pays for them.
They say it distorts the local economy and undermines longstanding if less lavish efforts to create a workable local government.
Terms or cost can be made reasonably nation specific for all these contributing nations to make the package workable and fair.
Raising the age is only workable with an employer of last resort.
Unlimited job security and cushy lifetime benefits are not a workable model in the private sector.
But, as yet, there are no totally workable schemes for realising any of them.
Even the wildest, craziest ideas can sometimes trigger a workable solution, so you don't want to discourage anyone.
The only workable solution has been to shift the reader's involvement from the center to the periphery: to the location.
After the concentration process comes the refining of the concentrates into workable metals.
But with atomic power as a base, either could be workable.
Libs are to blame because they haven't thought of a workable alternative yet.
The lack of a workable fail-safe mechanism is unconscionable.
In order to count, one has to contribute within the existing paradigm, or offer a workable alternative paradigm.
Since each spider produced only a minuscule amount, the researchers had to milk a great many to obtain a workable sample.
They are reasons to get to work ironing out the ambiguities and devising workable laws.
So far the only workable solution has been to slow the rate of space littering.
Many university scientists are now admitting that some aspects of organic agriculture are workable.
Without the two working in concert, reaching a workable solution to obesity is doomed to failure.
Once the comment period ends, regulators need to figure out how to make a regulation workable.
Against great odds, they have succeeded in establishing a workable state.
Some cosmologies are factually less correct than others, and some ethical precepts are less workable.
But it is workable only when it accords with the joint interests of all the major powers.
The income tax increases, on the other hand, are both workable and necessary.
Until there is such a lobby around which political support can coalesce, politically workable plans will not be generated.
It could become bigger or smaller, but the chance that any territorial solution will prove truly workable is slim indeed.
All workable national-health-insurance schemes depend on controlling access to nonessential services.
We have historical proof that the system cannot be made workable, in practice.
They have found themselves a workable solution to their homelessness.
And if there were a guilty verdict, it would establish precedents that would make other prosecutions workable.
The key factor was, of course, not the plan itself but the state of mind that made it workable.
The apparent simplicity of this formulation clearly contains hidden dangers, but it seems to me workable.
But there weren't enough coupons in circulation to make the plan workable.
It's probably workable in three weeks but it isn't in full flower until a little beyond that.
Other countries are coming around to the idea that workable solutions for homelessness must come from local authorities.
With your health services provider or your school, put together a workable mental health plan before you go overseas.
Establishes good customer relations and can come to workable solutions.
Deny repairs if there is a house payment or property tax arrearage, unless a workable plan exists for paying the arrearage.
The guidance and procedures contained therein are based on tried-and-true, workable situations.
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