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But it's an art object without the energy or courage to be a work of art.
Even a work of art could be considered a tool, creating and recording human culture.
Because no one can pretend to appreciate a work of art and at the same time ignores its creator as the art's messenger.
Anything said about a work of art is what that work of art is not.
Parody would be a first cousin, a satire on an actual work of art.
Painters, by contrast, hardly know the back of a work of art exists.
He or she isn't jotting down notes for the camera, he or she is creating a new work of art.
We inherit everything that is inherent in the space to become part of the work of art.
Copy a favorite work of art or artist's style or create your own masterpiece.
In retrospect, he viewed this journey as a dedicated work of art and forswore himself to only creating art from his walks.
But every selection is, in its own way, a work of art.
He sacrificed millions of lives to acquire his unity, but he achieved it, and justly thought it a work of art.
Good sense and experience, acting together, find out what is fit to be done in every work of art.
Usually this will transmute a seemingly dull play into a living, appealing work of art.
Unhappily it simply does not cohere as a work of art.
It isn't a great novel or a completely finished work of art.
Every day a work of art is stolen somewhere in the world.
It was a great work of art something to really admire.
What really mattered, they argued, was what each work of art expressed about its creator's inner state.
One hallmark of an exceptional work of art is its ability to remain relevant.
Do you know who would be interested in this rare work of art.
The value of a work of art is a function of many variables.
If one wishes to alter a photo so it becomes a work of art.
After the curator talk, you'll have the chance to create your own work of art-materials provided.
The thick pages make each spread appear as a work of art.
Not a model of a sculpture intended for real space, this virtual sculpture is itself a work of art.
It's a unique work of art that will likely sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
At sunset the pier becomes a work of art, as insubstantial as a barred cloud floating on the fiery waves.
Many will argue that context should not be necessary to appreciate a work of art.
The central market, with its subterranean fish stalls, is a work of art.
The area also has street musicians and artists sharing their work of art to the public.
They are bright red steamed franks of medium size, their presentation a work of art.
That's an essential quality of any work of art, the authenticity of the need for understanding.
After all, one sign that a work of art may endure lies in its author's refusal to play it safe.
Because it's the particularity of the book that makes it a work of art and gives such pleasure.
Approximately five hundred visitors come to view it annually, an astonishingly low number for such a celebrated work of art.
Where guest rugs are floor coverings, this is a work of art.
To the extent that a work of art was not sufficient in itself, it was deficient in joy.
One is that one must place clarity above all other virtues in a work of art.
The challenge was to weave the strands together into a unified work of art.
They adored each other and were perfect soulmates, sharing a fantasy that life could be lived as if it were a work of art.
The principal became incensed with my answer and blurted out that she did not consider it a work of art.
Marmalade is a work of art that anyone can create-and with more ease than you may think.
But it's the way you bring in political critiques that determines whether a work of art is propaganda.
The value of a work of art can be judged by the price it fetches.
If you're rancorous and your language is small and mean, then you're going to have a limited work of art.
When a work of art can raise the feeling that's all out of proportion to reality.
In any case, he now regarded it as more of a youthful prank than a serious work of art.
To forge a warm bond with a work of art in such a setting takes forceful concentration.
Describe the book as a work of art rather than as simply a representation.
Search the collection by the name of a previous owner of a work of art.
Tell students that they are going to take a look at an important work of art.
Many museum visitors spend only seconds looking at a work of art.
Learn more about this work of art by answering the multiple-choice questions below.
Explain how some visual characteristics, purposes, or functions of a selected work of art cause different responses.
Click on either the image itself or the corresponding caption to find more in-depth information about the specific work of art.
Public safety is now jeopardized by the deteriorated condition of this work of art.
Science offers the means of acquiring specific and relevant information about the materials used in a work of art.
Matting can enhance or detract from a work of art and should be carefully prepared.
There is also the multiplicity of readings inherent in a work of art.
Thus an ornamental design may be copyrighted as a work of art and may also be subject matter of a design patent.
Discuss how and why they made a specific work of art.
Each is a little work of art made of fur, feathers and tying silk.
Tell us about a book or film or work of art that has influenced you.
The museum's directors were sympathetic, but they wouldn't dream of tampering with a work of art.
Some designers are using far-out technology to create limited-edition pieces that are almost as expensive as a work of art.
Conversely, it would seem that an apple tree is a work of art, a rhapsody in green and white.

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