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Example sentences for work ethic

Stella, whose tireless work ethic makes him an omnivore of source materials and images, didn't stop with smoke rings.
People value their strength as well as their work ethic.
The government is leery of generous handouts, fearing they might undercut the work ethic while burdening taxpayers.
Exasperating the ordinary word officer, who expects enlisted words to demonstrate clarity, brevity and work ethic.
He's got great makeup and character, a great work ethic.
His humility, earnestness, professionalism and work ethic are woven into the fiber of this team.
People who are naturally kind, empathetic and curious, along with having a strong work ethic.
Too often, he said, they have a poor work ethic and lack mental toughness.
When she mentions growing up and getting a job during a grammar lesson, she teaches the work ethic.
First of all, growing up on a farm, you learn quickly the value of a good work ethic.
He is known for his ferocious work ethic, both in the gym and on the field.
He needs to improve his defense, including turning the double play, but he has the instincts and work ethic to get better.
They believe in work ethic, they believe in being coached.
There were questions about his footwork, his experience and his work ethic.
They are a coaches' dream with their work ethic and makeup.
He has a strong work ethic, is a great teacher of the game and is skillful at relating to his players.
Coughlin is relentless with his work ethic, and it paid off again this season.
Successful applicant must have initiative and be adaptable, have a good work ethic and be able to work independently.
Job skills and work ethic developed in prison contribute to improved post-release results.
Important qualities include a strong work ethic, people and communication skills, and enthusiasm for teaching.
Must have proven sales skills and excellent customer service skills and work ethic.
Employees are nominated by their peers for having an exceptional work ethic and a drive to go above and beyond what's required.
When inmates perform productive work, they acquire marketable skills, ranging from a basic work ethic to trade-specific expertise.
Discusses the importance of the work ethic and the role of work in meeting people's needs.
It helps if the animal has a strong work ethic as well.
Teach offenders the need for discipline and respect, and the importance of a mature understanding of a work ethic.
Each owner offers a life time of work ethic and experience in the construction and agriculture industry.

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