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Dogs may be able to understand far more words than a typical owner teaches them during obedience training.
The official scrabble list of words has undergone another update to reflect the changing nature of language.
If you understand the words then you will understand the concepts behind them.
Toothpick puzzles challenge you to move line segments to form words or shapes.
Words from our former senior editor for photography.
The easiest way to stop an argument is to contest the meaning of words.
Its sole function is to display those two words on the screen.
Don't hesitate to blush and curse the words you wrote.
Finally students take a look outside to learn some words for describing weather conditions.
Certain words can shake the blogosphere in much the same way earthquakes stir the planet.
Later you will mutter many words into your pillow, but those words will never come back to haunt you.
Finally, the words that a particular language uses to describe colors can affect visual perception.
The professor published the student's words as his own.
The syllables can be words by themselves or can be combined with others, and they often have multiple meanings.
Seeing colored letters and words is by no means the only form of synesthesia.
When it comes time to speak, the software grabs the appropriate samples needed to piece together new words.
Your evolution has been from static words on paper to kinetic words rendered electronically to virtual reality.
These same words should appear in a word bank on the board.
Stenographers trained in shorthand recorded the candidates' words.
There are two words and either of them can be plural or singular.
It's important to note, however, that these genes did not affect memory for emotional words.
Each experiment is described with an ingredient list and a few easy-to-understand steps, both in words and full-color photographs.
In the world of college admissions, these words bring about a flurry of discussion and debate.
These words are then stored along with the links to the corresponding pages in an index file.
In one type of game, the words are listed for you and you simply find the pattern in the grid.
It is often far easier to give information in an unlimited number of words than to be limited.
Filled pauses direct toddlers' attention to new words.
Words and expressions often relate to local realities, habits and cultures.
Ask students to contribute words that describe the weather in the places they have seen on the map.
We appear to be able to read words at a glance without being aware of each letter.
It's a simple enough idea: a six-sided die with words imprinted on the sides.
Explain that these are academic words related to physics, a branch of science.
People often use words to convey, not what the actual words mean, but a sentimental meaning.
The words will shimmer on the screen, but the sentences will be quickly forgotten.
The idea is that the words activated the elderly stereotype, which includes walking slowly, and such thoughts influenced behavior.
But words have a way of morphing with the times, and this one has.
Ask students to list words that they think define each of the regions on the list.
No words could describe either the beauty of the place, nor the profound sadness of the moment.
Ask students what words come to their minds when they think of dinosaurs.
Discuss how students can examine an object using these question words.
Explain that writing and spelling words are learned behaviors.
Comments that use swear words or are inappropriate in any way will not be posted.
Explain this is a way to build knowledge about unfamiliar words.
To demonstrate their understanding of these terms, ask students to write or state sentences that use all three of these words.
And it helps even more that she herself is a character with a gift for words.
In his words, he wanted outdoor furniture that was as good as anything you'd buy for the inside of the house.
Have dreams of embellishing my garden with artsy pieces covered in other people's wise and/or funny words.
On the stage, the characters express themselves more through words than images.
Ask them to write down any words that are new to them, and answer the questions below.
Solicit answers that relate to the puppet only knowing what a few words mean, having a favorite way of talking, or being shy.
In the past, he has reflected on the history of words: how etymology records the departure of language from primal truths.
Dictionaries are routinely thought to be about the meaning of words.
In other words, the forward rate should be a good guess of the likely future spot rate.
The position of the words in a sentence is the principal means of showing their relationship.
There grew more of the music, and less of the words.
The last studied the words four times and took four tests.
Two days later, they were asked to recall as many words as they could.
The high-tech device enables the patient to communicate his thoughts to a computer, which translates them into spoken words.
Older people recognize and know the value of words and decisions, risk vs loss and gain.
Subjects were asked to create sentences from random words.
The new millennium--and the decades leading up to it--has given his words their real meaning.
The words can still induce panic attacks among the physics-challenged.
They processed the insincerity as rapidly as they processed the basic meaning of the words.
Of course this strategy only works if you know your words.
When they failed at a subsequent puzzle, their mood was more negative than those who were not primed with goal-oriented words.
The words alone are enough to evoke thoughts of hours upon hours of flour flinging for a single bowl of everyone's favorite carb.
In other words, he's thinking creatively about what place means.
In other words, the local fish is sauced with the local wine.
Though many consumers use the words flavor and taste interchangeably, scientists do not.
Too bad for us that so few of his readers-or listeners-paid attention to his liberating words.
All words are spiritual-nothing is more spiritual than words.
The press corps in the filing center burst into disbelieving laughter, then groped for words to describe the off-kilter moment.
There are those who would argue that these represent mere words, chosen carefully to appease a potentially suspicious audience.
These words will ultimately end up being the barest of reflections, devoid of the sensations words cannot convey.
We watched each other typing and reacting to the words that scrolled next to our images, co-stars in a postmodern silent film.
He would slowly and laboriously puzzle out words, letter by letter.
As new words were borrowed from different languages, they were spelled according to the whim of the individual writer or printer.
Some claimed that it started out as cries of pain, which gradually crystallized into distinct words.
Words of cleanliness can make people behave more morally.
Climate change, in other words, may already be impacting the distribution of species.
Making a living as a writer is tough, but if you can drink your words, everything will start looking up.
She could understand the meaning of words and recall the faces of famous people.
His words inspired millions of people to look up, to be curious, to wonder.
Math- the ability to create abstractions and symbolic representations of things, which is what words are- came as a freebie.
In other words, alchemists had to discern and then mimic natural processes.
It wasn't long before entire grandstands were chanting those words.
In other words, there are often downsides to adaptation.
My testers hadn't read my essay for content but had merely counted the words.
In other words, he thought in terms of simple physical pictures.
Sight words are words that are known so well that they can be read instantaneously.
In other words, they can't be easily snooped in transit.
Researchers are beginning to crack the code that gives humans our way with words.
These guys have worked out how to measure power differences between individuals using the patterns of words they speak or write.
In other words, it doesn't need a lot of extra energy.
Sign-language dictionaries, however, translate only from written words to gestures.
The system helps them by defining some of the words in the phrase.
In other words, they did not use power electronics, which was probably the main point of this simple arrangement.
In other words, solar technology is ready to be a major contributor to solving our planet's energy and environmental crisis.
In other words, you teach the computer-generated characters how to learn.
In other words, to get big, the trick might be to think small.
Software translates the impulses into digital commands that become the letters and words of your e-mail message.
The server identifies what in the image is text, and then translates the words into a selected language.
With computers, speech recognition software has automated the work of turning a doctor's spoken words into text.
In other words, he's looking for factors that determine how popular a news story will be before it is even published.
In other words, overconfidence is the best way to maximize benefits over costs when risks are uncertain.
In other words, there is no increase in the elasticity of the bat-ball collision.
Then it uses those words to label parts of the pictures.
In other words, an ant's tendency to turn towards a pheromone deposit is related in a non-linear fashion to the concentration.
In other words, this discipline is changing from one of science to one of engineering.
The data encoding these words was carried as pulses of light on its journey from my computer to yours.
The pen can also solve equations and define or translate words.
In other words, a user always has to access data by some physical means.
In other words, population grows exponentially, resources grow linearly.
To tune the algorithm, the system uses a database of words that exclude certain posts.
Click on trees and a wave of your mouse controls a bird flying through the branches, collecting letters to form words.
In other words, movies can occasionally be works of art.
You'll be sitting around the house all day wearing a dressing-gown, brewing tea and stumped for words.
In other words, never before have so few done so much to so many.
Again the self-referential choice of words is remarkable.
Words are redefined in terms of their original meaning, and invested with special meaning as the need arises.
But the small puzzlements of the words themselves, the cancelled or broken phrases, the second choices-these are interesting.
In other words, if you disagree with the majority opinion about global warming, you are an enemy of science.
In future perhaps you could urge your reviewers to choose their words more carefully.
Suicide, self-destruction, auto-annihilation: these are not pretty words.
If these words are unclear to you, you have not yet begun to understand.

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