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The saying has been used by a number of writers, usually with variations in wording.
The reported prevalence of snoring varies, and depends on the population studied and the wording of the questionnaire.
Probably the problem with the article is the wording of it.
Scientists and others decry fuzzy thinking and inaccuracy of wording.
Now first of all, your wording kinda throws me off a bit.
They are concerned about the wording of the bill that has loopholes which will actually allow hydraulic fracturing to proceed.
And none of the complainers gave alternative wording of the questions to eliminate the ambiguities.
The outcome is easily manipulated or distorted by question wording, election timing, and deceptive advertising.
Hugh was worried about the wording of the invitations.
Probably reflecting the wording in the press release.
The detail with which you describe your teaching philosophy will vary depending on the type of school and the wording of the ad.
Hidden within that letter was your original wording.
Prioritize the tasks and find out what any vague wording really means.
We each checked the placement and wording of our tattoos before the artist started.
My original wording is an attempt to describe why that wording fails, why it is semantically bungled.
LC, the correct wording is that the real number line is unbounded.
The former wording invokes pity, whereas the latter wording might incite resentment in the poor and fear in the rich.
Those concerns were well-founded: the initiative's wording was vague and its actual, real-world effects uncertain.
Be sensitive to wording differences among industries.
The illuminated sign permit must reflect the current wording on the illuminated sign.
Please note that the wording of these questions may be slightly different in the final version of the online registration form.
The wording of an oath or declaration cannot be amended, altered or changed in any manner after it has been signed.
The counterfeit items also display security wording embedded within the top and bottom borders.

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Poetry should surprise by a fine excess and not by singularity—it should strike the reader as a wording o... more
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