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Example sentences for word processor

So, for the next hour of writing, close your word processor and write in a text editor instead.
Scrivener is more than a mere word processor, though, and that's the beauty and wonder of the program.
They are stored in plain text and can be imported into any word processor or desktop publishing program.
The funny characters in your post probably came from cutting-and-pasting from some word processor.
On his word processor, he produced a thirty-thousand-word manuscript on the philosophy of religion.
Before the invention of the word processor, every rewrite of this article would have cost him considerably more time and effort.
Thus it was more likely a product of a modern word processor.
Compare what you did on your spreadsheet and word processor five and ten years ago with what you do today.
Had the word processor been invented in his lifetime, he would almost certainly have found it abhorrent.
Unlike spelling-bee kids, these people have a real skill, one that cannot be duplicated by a word processor.
Turn off the hyphenation feature of your word processor.
The word count of files submitted electronically is easily determined by your word processor.
Words of praise flew from my fingertips into my word processor without hesitation.
Sit at your computer and write a longer response on your word processor.
After all, you can't simply scan the letterhead since it's difficult to use a word processor to write on top of an image.
The same thing is true of the laptop and the word processor.
Apparently, you are not supposed to edit your comments on a word processor then cut and paste into this box.
The sets are compressed into files that must be unpacked before opening them in your word processor.
After the download is complete, use your spreadsheet to open the file, or use the file as merge data in your word processor.
These forms are available for electronic completion in either a word processor or spread sheet format.
They cannot be viewed using your browser, but must be viewed using your word processor.
Skill in operating a computer terminal, computer, or word processor and related equipment.
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