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Today no salad-time discussion is complete without a word on the state of the season's tomatoes.
If you are making a word or phrase stencil, use your computer to print out the word at the exact size you desire.
Practically every word is spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
My local nursery sells it, because the word has not spread yet, but hopefully that will change.
So now the only way that students can stick to a word limit is if they start to lie in their essays.
The word count of files submitted electronically is easily determined by your word processor.
Every time you run across a word you don't know, you make a note of it.
Use the word disarticulate to help explain the difference.
The word ambush comes to mind under these conditions.
All that fuss about hoked-up memoirs and not a word about the put-ons of personal essayists-it doesn't make sense.
He's now under fire for telling off haters in an f-word tweet.
Although studies have shown this trait in kids before, critics sometimes blame the study methods, which rely on word lists.
As expected, students in the practice test group were better at remembering the word pairs during a final exam a week later.
Here are some tricks, beginning with a word of caution.
Apparently they appreciated the challenge, for there was not a cross word about it.
As you read this, your eyes are rapidly flicking from left to right in small hops, bringing each word sequentially into focus.
With the last word of the joke the dragon drew back his head and struck.
Nearly every word presents a concrete meaning, clearly visible even through a figurative use.
He never published a word about his own mental illness.
Point out that the word sunflower is made up of two words that are put together.
She would learn the pronunciation and the meaning of every single word and then string them together to make the dialogue.
Word is starting to leak about a two-week itinerary that includes both countries.
Sometimes the word or signals that an idea is about to be restated.
First, complete a free-form concept web with the word monitor in the center.
If you can't find the right word or the perfect sentence, move on, and come back to the problem later.
And you're not quite sure, even, how to find the word you want.
Come on, we're using symbols instead of the written word to type out our meaning.
The word ace denotes singularity, the number one, he who stands alone at the top.
The word is a catch-all for every vile behavior humankind can muster.
Yet modern readers barely have time to read their e-mail, let alone tackle a million word masterpiece.
The anthology's editorial team endorsed the community-preferred word and made that clear in the preface.
But first a word about why said odd-sounding vestment is appearing in these hallowed pages.
One or two items in each column had a check mark penciled to the left of it, or a line drawn through the word entirely.
Well, the word apparently arises is the following context.
Their efforts appeared below the target word, but all was not as it seemed.
As when he went to look up the word in the dictionary, he has a need not only to be precise but to be right-ruthlessly right.
Then hand the key over when the friend says the word clearly.
It's as if he's trying to use a word choice that raises doubt about the measurements.
But there's something about it that doesn't sit right with me, and again it's the word itself.
In the lingo of linguists, the smallest meaningful chunks in a word are called morphemes.
Today she channels her enthusiasm into spreading the word that science is something anyone can do.
On sporadic days over a period of a month, the sensors recorded every word spoken or heard by the subjects.
The premise is that each word or phrase is a seed for users to plant in their gardens.
Each advertiser has a valuation for each word, and an overall budget.
Patience is a word-and concept-increasingly quaint in today's go-go high-tech agora.
Besides being a red herring, that fiction is made possible by changing the word deduction to subsidy.
Meditate for a moment on the word dude, as it was used long before it became a one-word anthem for the slacker generation.
Strangely, that word would pop up again before week's end.
If there is a stronger word than embrace, imagine it here.
There's a happy groove in this dining room filled with arty locals and people there on word-of-mouth recommendations.
Brands, in the modern sense of the word, were of importance only in champagne.
Each word is scaled in proportion to the number of times it was used.
Many in the room heard of the concert only the day before, either via an army e-mail or by word of mouth.
She has a lot on her plate these days, but there was not a word of complaint from her.
Her winning word: cymotrichous, which means something that relates to wavy hair.
But on the cusp of the second millennium, the word has lost much of its biblical aura.
We shall never know who fashioned the word for the interval of darkness which divides the two half-lights.
In one word, it creates a world after its own image.
It's cool in both senses of the word, understated yet exciting, and with a tension that keeps you reading.

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