woolly mammoth in a sentence

Example sentences for woolly mammoth

Some, such as the sabertooth and woolly mammoth, were giant versions of today's mammals.
They uncovered preserved woolly mammoth tusks and rhino bones.
Some of the oldest known artifacts are musical instruments, carved from the femurs of bears and woolly mammoth tusks.
If you want to know about the life and habitat of a woolly mammoth, there is scarcely a better place to look than in its dung.
Alternatively, woolly mammoth anatomy may have varied through time and from region to region.
Maybe a frozen woolly mammoth could be born from an elephant.
He is currently writing a book about early woolly mammoth discoveries.
The two large fossils in the first case on your right are from a woolly mammoth.
Unlike the woolly mammoth which was adapted to cold climates this elephant lived in temperate regions.
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