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He doesn't attempt to camouflage it under gentler, kinder, woolly-minded language.
But poodles, what with those lovely woolly coats, are also particularly vulnerable to hot weather.
He's not attacking vegans, he's attacking woolly thinking.
The spines of cholla glow, their prickly malice deceptively rendered as a benign woolly aura.
Toby, meanwhile, is focused on a plain old brown woolly bear caterpillar.
The second vice is that it habitually chooses vague woolly abstract nouns rather than concrete ones.
My grandfather's study is carpeted with white shag, which feels woolly against my bare feet.
Some of the oldest known artifacts are musical instruments, carved from the femurs of bears and woolly mammoth tusks.
If you want to know about the life and habitat of a woolly mammoth, there is scarcely a better place to look than in its dung.
He tugs a woolly toque over his long hair, zips up his army-surplus jacket, and puts on his heavy leather gloves.
Naturally, forecasters began to look at the wild and woolly places where only chaotic nonlinear equations ruled.
My opinion will doubtlessly not sit well with the woolly-hatted rave-going contingent of your readership.
Masks fascinate me, as does the woolly territory between fashion and art.
Humans have long been inspired by wildlife-consider the cave paintings of woolly mammoths.
We know this because they lit fires to cook woolly rhino meat even though they had microwaves.
He is currently writing a book about early woolly mammoth discoveries.
Other writers talk of the relative fitness of woolly mammoths and elephants.
Having failed, the politicians last year approved a woolly resolution to do better.
Next to consultants, trained in finance and business, creative types look woolly.
Unfortunately her policies are woolly even by modern standards.
Laws protecting whistleblowers in government and business, as well as reporters, are woolly.
Some economists might dismiss such sentiments as woolly headed.
The act has also been widely criticised for its woolly wording.
He lambasts woolly thinking and crooked behaviour at home and abroad.
Some of the oldest known artifacts are musical instruments, carved from the femurs of bears and woolly mammoth tusks.
Prairies also are present, with species such as cliff goldenrod, woolly milkweed and butterfly weed.
Using hairs from woolly mammoths, scientists have sequenced an extensive genome of these elephant cousins, a new report says.
He believed woolly mammoths, erupting volcanoes, and a mountain of pure salt awaited them.
Some, such as the sabertooth and woolly mammoth, were giant versions of today's mammals.
Underneath this outer layer of long, coarse hair is even more hair-a soft, woolly coat.
Giant ground sloths, woolly mammoths, even perhaps mastodons.
They uncovered preserved woolly mammoth tusks and rhino bones.
It took more than being woolly for woolly mammoths to survive the wintry climates in which they lived.
Of the dozen or so local monkey species, only woolly monkeys and spider monkeys were eaten regularly.
Tasmanians differed from the mainlanders principally by having woolly rather than straight or wavy hair.
There's even talk of cloning long-extinct woolly mammoths.
Exactly how many generations is open to debate, because the exact definition of a species is quite woolly at the edges.
And of the connection between the quantum evidence and mind you can only find woolly arguments anywhere.
Below you will find images and brief descriptions of hemlock woolly adelgid life stages.
But don't expect the conventional hunter-spearing-a-woolly-mammoth diorama.
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