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Example sentences for woolen

The wreath of fur is somewhat akin to wearing a woolen scarf at the peak of summer-a hot and heavy burden around the neck.
The woolen system uses shorter wool fibers to make fluffy yarns for sweaters, coats, and carpets.
In each case, wool threads or pieces of woolen cloth were sewn to a cloth base.
The woolen-mill industry is interested in licensing the process, but if it is used for the military, no licensing is required.
It is made of hand-spun woolen thread dyed with native dyes.
She worked relentlessly on the heavy, woolen flags, one of which was to be the largest garrison flag ever flown.
Dunk your woolen ball into either the hot or ice cold water.

Famous quotes containing the word woolen

Lord, I could not endure a husband with a beard on his face! I had rather lie in the woolen.... more
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I was here first introduced to Joe.... He was a good-looking Indian, twenty-four years old, apparently of unmixed blood,... more
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