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It was not especially good with wool, either, because that fabric's natural oil caused the rubber cement to deteriorate.
They also blend cashmere with almost anything else-yak or camel hair, merino wool, even nylon.
Made of merino wool, arguably the finest performance material ever.
He doesn't want anyone pulling the wool over the eyes of guys who are serious about their celeb collections.
One can you leave alone and one can you cover with a wool blanket.
It is dear bought butter that is licked off a wool comb.
These cloaks throughout the whole island be all of one colour, and that is the natural colour of the wool.
Fold two opposite corners of a piece of cotton and wool flannel three-fourths yard long.
The rams of the flock were well nurtured and thick of fleece, great and goodly, with wool dark as the violet.
The amount of wool covering each might take perhaps a half hour to use up.
Many go out for wool, and come home shorn themselves.
In a few moments you roll yourself in their soft wool.
As the wool is transported up these ramps any droplets of water attached to it will be shaken off.
They plan to use wool, which is good at repelling water and absorbing oil, to soak up oil spills.
Several of her animals have produced wool as soft as that of the vicuña.
The temporary ban on the trade in the vicuña, a relative of the llama, and its wool is another success.
Our host sets out layers of carpets and piles of cotton and wool quilts.
Only in this city can you find a club where oil billionaires rub elbows with died-in-the-wool communists.
Right beside it were two others, a canvas gardening glove and a flattened blue wool-and-nylon number.
They wore wool pants and sweaters and hats, and it was only from a distance that their progress looked effortless and unimpeded.
Wool is given for stockings to those who will have it spun and knit for themselves.
He sat lethargic in layers of wool clothing, his eyes half-closed under a wool cap.
We're not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.
If it was neither wool nor silk, you have a heat dispersal problem.
Instead they wore silk in the summer and wool in the winter.
Whoever was naming these things was pulling some serious wool over our taste buds.
They referred to her hair as wool, and made jokes about holding her down and shearing her.
Fall overboard in wool and its wetted weight will drag you down.
And that eating them was too great an extravagance when the wool from the grown sheep was needed for winter clothing.
Similarly, consider one shirt made from wool and another from nylon.
Same idea as how hemp or cotton or wool is refined into yarn, string or rope.
The crisp joy in a charcoal tailored wool jacket fits together with the same satisfaction of a well-structured rocket engine.
He exposes sheep with long and short wool to the same climate.
Campion was heavily armed under his loose-fitting, dark-gray wool overcoat.
Despite the heat, he wore a sweater and a heavy wool cap.
Government offices were shut, streets emptied, while a few overheated old-timers in gray wool did holiday duty around their flag.
The lowest of these vermin wore suits of blue wool and buttons of copper.

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