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Maybe the song isn't for wooing but for broadcasting a challenge, as when a bull elk bugles across the mountainsides.
The culmination of wooing, the actual mating, took place in trees nearby.
Still, persuading faculty members to donate their time to the oft-draining task of wooing teenagers isn't always easy.
Few presidential job skills are as important as wooing prospective donors and, for public-college presidents, state lawmakers.
It's patrolled by a closely knit group of street musicians wooing the night, which begins at six and ends at two.
Quite where wooing goes to persuasion goes to coercion is going to be at different points to different people.
Wooing must be difficult if you can't even be sure the other party is there.
Meanwhile, the pale lizard starts wooing, making rapid shuddering movements and starting little romantic chases.
They allow corporations to display technological machismo, wooing consumers to trust their cars and stereos.
Yet they have been coy about whether they're succeeding in wooing partners.
There was an intellectual counterpart to this wooing process.
The wooing of these money mobilizers has, then, become one of the essential first steps of modern campaigning.
The industry's biggest players are wooing top talent, opening new offices and buying local firms in the fast-growing region.
Younger folk have another reason to come: much wooing takes place in and around the fair.
The performance of another one of its funds ruled out the possibility of wooing fresh investors.
Their subjects were difficult, and interrogators sometimes resorted to wooing them to get information.
Resort spares no expense in wooing, wowing players.
Stores are wooing customers by making the shopping less forbidding, more friendly--and fun.
But when it comes to a full meal, wooing customers away from their favorite haunts could be a challenge.
But all the yelling and screaming and woo-wooing becomes grating.
With more varied songs, song sparrows may be more successful in wooing mates.
Learn all about the wooing behavior animals do in order to find a mate.
Perhaps you've doubled your sales or finally won over that new customer you've been wooing.

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