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The house is made of local sandstone and the interior features beautiful woodwork carved from cherry, maple, walnut and red oak.
If you plan to paint the woodwork and trim in the room, schedule painting before hanging the wallpaper.
In this approach, the trim color is applied to all non-clapboard or shingled woodwork in the standard manner.
Watch as the entire community comes out of the woodwork to play catch up at the farmers' market.
Heh so funny how a religious topic can bring the crazies out of the woodwork.
Folded still sweet and fresh in its antique woodwork.
It was a pretty flat, of white woodwork and soft blue walls.
Once a field is in place, the peripheral candidates will get less attention and fade into the woodwork.
Every building was smothered in heavy porches and balustrades and balconies of craftless but elaborate woodwork.
It was the woodwork that told me that a lot of money had been spent on reopening the place.
When you redecorate a room, give the floor the rough sanding before you re- paint the walls and woodwork.
Once you do, people will start coming out of the woodwork to tell you about their similar experiences.
Everywhere low ceilings and dark woodwork combined with golden floors and small-paned windows to create a warm atmosphere.
It's foolish for anyone to promote such nonsense and not expect some nuts to come out of the woodwork.
Well, all kinds of people came out of the woodwork truly angry at me for not asking for help.
Many other key players on both sides have also departed, or gone back into the paneled woodwork.
If you remove one problem others simply pop out of the woodwork.
Sunshine poured into it from the skylight and windows onto the golden oak floors, woodwork, and furniture.
Qualified volunteers would come out of the woodwork.
It disappears into a crevice in the bridge's woodwork.
Once you have more than you need to cover the essentials, relatives come out of the woodwork and demand their share.
If astrology were really a science, they'd be coming out of the woodwork to answer in spades.
The conspiracy freaks are coming out of the woodwork on the news sites.
It's funny that all of a sudden now that these emails have come out the deniers are coming out of the woodwork.
Funny how fast these prophesies disappear under the woodwork after they don't happen.
Suddenly, people come out of the woodwork claiming to have witnessed the same thing.
Wow, the kooks really came out of the woodwork for this one.
With the beginning of spring, not only are blossoms blooming, but celebrity blogs are coming out of the woodwork.
We don't need the weirdies to fall out of the woodwork.
People who long ago wrote him off have begun to pop out of the woodwork.
The inlaid decorative woodwork of some of their harps has already turned them into museum pieces.
Does anybody think in the closing weeks that a someone won't come out of the woodwork at the last minute.
Incredible restored original woodwork, eleven fireplaces and architectural detailing throughout are but some of the hallmarks.
Celebrities come out of the woodwork for this shindig, so if you're a fan, there's no better place to meet your idols.
The house includes its original grand staircase and cherry, oak and chestnut woodwork.
The guest suites offer hand-painted furniture, stenciling and woodwork.
The musical-variety summer re placement shows are still pouring out of the network woodwork.
First it will become wireless and ubiquitous, crawling into the woodwork and perhaps even under our skin.
Look for water stains on walls, ceilings, woodwork and other surfaces.
Interior woodwork, obviously the product of skilled craftsman, reflects the simple architectural designs of the exterior.
On early buildings, the woodwork was installed and primed before plastering began.
The interior woodwork is a fine example of work of the period.
The foundation leaks, windows don t shut and woodwork is rotting.

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