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In wooded areas, seek shelter in dense woods or a growth of small trees.
The garden terrace looks out onto a lush wooded area where birds chirp in the trees.
The land they had settled upon was heavily wooded and covered with fallen logs and underbrush.
The shores with forested hills and plunging cliffs, wooded dunes and sandy beaches invite exploration.
Wooded swamps are aptly named because they are dominated by woody plants such as shrubs and/or trees.
If you are in a wooded area, seek shelter under a thick growth of relatively small trees.
Our neighborhood is surrounded by farmland on one side and a heavily wooded military reserve on the other.
Park rangers, game wardens and wildlife researchers either fled their wooded beats or were removed at gunpoint.
It was a big clapboard house on a quiet street, on the edge of a large wooded area.
The village itself sits deep in a knoll between wooded slopes.
From the windows of the university's staff cafeteria and bar, the thickly wooded mountain blocks the entire inland view.
The much-reduced surviving population burned less wood and coal, grew less food, and even allowed wooded areas to grow back.
The home, on a secluded wooded slope, will be a dazzler.
Fifty years ago, this area was a wooded hunting preserve with dirt roads.
The further to the left the curves are, the more wooded the habitats.
The entire compound is wooded, secluded, and peaceful in exactly the way you'd imagine.
At the end of a wooded street they slow to have a look at the duplex.
The country is mostly arid or semi-arid, and depends for water on a few wooded catchment areas.
One whiff and you may think you've been transported to a lovely wooded garden.
The country was heavily wooded at all the points of crossing, particularly on the south side of the river.
The far side of the mountain was more thickly wooded.
Body found in the wooded area by a parks dept employee walking there after lunch.
Farther still, a chain of heavily wooded mountains gave the ancient town an exceptional air of tranquillity.
The deck has a barbecue and outdoor hot tub with private views of a wooded hillside.
The paved and gravel path winds through wooded areas and crosses multiple railroad trestles.
RV parks in the area offer wooded lots, full utility hookups and a family-friendly atmosphere.
Each site has a picnic table and a grill, and there are both wooded and open sites available.
Visitors to the area can take in the considerable natural beauty of the highly wooded area.
You'll find fishing, swimming, water-skiing and hiking along wooded shorelines and sandy beaches.
Many travelers visit the city every year to experience the area's lakes, wooded areas and rolling prairies.
Many resorts feature cabins and homes tucked away on wooded properties, some with lakefront views and cozy fireplaces.
Impala graze near the edge of an open field and wooded area.
Varied: mixed cultivated and wooded areas, and brushlands.
Rocky, open, or wooded sites from foothills well into mountains.
Bayous are usually shallow and sometimes heavily wooded.
For some people, a wooded area may be a good place to put a farm.
The expedition did discover a river, rippling with fish, that cut through a wooded land bursting with natural resources.
It utilizes a wide range of habitats, from wooded to open areas, farmland to urban settings.
Keep in mind that if you order a puzzle for a heavily wooded or coastal area, many of the pieces will be green or blue.
Breeding: wide variety of wooded or shrubby habitats with open areas.
The field is white and the wooded edges dark with evergreen.
No injuries were reported in the fires, which began before dawn in the wooded subdivision and were still smoldering by midmorning.
Groundhogs prefer clearings and lightly wooded areas.
Generally widespread and common, this species is a generalist feeding in more open areas and wooded savannas.
Consortium agronomists are growing plants such as ginseng, a reputed circulation booster, in wooded areas.
The area surrounding the stadium was turned into an urban park, with wooded and aquatic habitats.
Walkways allow visitors to wander the wooded landscape in contemplative silence.
The body was discovered in water in a wooded area between some homes and stores.
The vertical garden is indeed made for romantics, winding through wooded paths, natural grottoes and ancient ruins.
Hibernation occurs in caves and mines, with swarming in surrounding wooded areas.
Steep, wooded slopes disappear into the cool, blue pond below.

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